September 24, 2007

"Hi darling!" "Welcome home!" "I missed you!"

I realized this morning that I have not made a blog entry in a whole week. When you enjoy something or someone, and you're to busy to notice that you have not even missed it or them --- you're just too busy. That's just not right!

Preacher's Wife has been gone a whole week. She called this morning from Hattisburg, Mississippi to say she would be home tonight. I am pleased and excited. I really am. I will spend today trying to figure out how to tell her I missed her when really at times I didn't realize she was gone. I know she will understand. But just in case she doesn't, I have decided to clean house and make sure everything is in proper order. I also will practice today saying, "Hi darling!" "Welcome home!" "I missed you!"


Anonymous said...

Nothing says,"welcome home!" Like a shoe box full of cash!

Just a Thought:)

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