August 30, 2007

Up a tree with a chain saw in hand...

Just recently Preacher's Wife and I decided it was time to have the trees in the back yard trimmed. Here in San Antonio these huge oak trees can overshadow ones yard very quickly, and NO Sun means NO grass.

When the crew first arrived I thought it was the ground crew because the men were in their early 50's, and one man had to be in his late 50's. Nope, they were the tree climbers I quickly learned. When the men began to swing from limbs 40 feet above ground I decided this was another job around the house that I refuse to do beside cleaning carpet. I was intrigued as I watched them with the rope belt around their waist swinging from limb to limb with nothing but a chain saw in hand. I was quite proud of the guy who was in his late 50's. Somehow I saw him representing my age bracket. Finally I ask his boss on the ground exactly how old the man representing my team was. I was shocked when he told me he was 73, that's right 7-3. I couldn't stand to watch any longer.

As I went back in the house I found comfort from the Scripture where God says, "..and lo I am with you always even to the end of the age."

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Hey, Why so few blogs! We need more! Chip Chop Chip....Get to it chief!