August 2, 2007

Shampoo the what?

Preacher's Wife is again accusing me of selective hearing. She said last week that it was time again to shampoo the carpet. I said nothing then and I've done nothing since because what I heard was, it's time again to have the carpet shampooed. I just expected her to call someone and schedule an appointment. Come to find out she wants me to shampoo the carpet. Maybe some people enjoy shampooing carpet, but I am not one of them. I've always hated it and I still hate it. I told her I had rather her take a baseball bat to me. She smiled her little smile and said, "that it would be possible and even probable if I didn't have the carpet shampooed in a week. The week is almost up and I am still planning on taking the bat.


Anonymous said...

Stanley Steamer...$99 summer special.
-- OR --
Wal-Mart has bats on sale $ 14.95.
No sense in wasting money, no matter what the outcome!

Anonymous said...

I'm concerned that you're still unconscious! Should we call 911?Miss you!