August 9, 2007

I know you are sick....

Look! - I know you are sick of hearing about the carpet saga, but today is the day that it all ends, for a while anyway. Stanley Carpet Cleaners called and are on their way over. I don't fully understand how that my hatred of cleaning carpets turned into the possibility of me experiencing bodily harm. Well come to think of it, maybe I do. It was me who suggested that I had rather take a beating with a bat than clean the carpets. You would think after 39 years of living with this woman I would know better than to say something like that. I am convinced that she is just patiently waiting for the insurance settlement that will arrive shortly after my demise. In fact Sunday at church my minister friend used me as an example of raising me, his good friend from the dead when I die. She pulled him aside after the service to warn him against even trying such a thing. So there you have it.

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