August 22, 2007

How time flies...

Wow! It has been a whole week since I have made an entry. I suppose there is no sin involved here but some people get real picky when there are no new entries. If one is prone to guilt, he or she could think it is a sin.

Many people grew up in a home or church where their sins were regularly pointed out. I agree we should always try to do the right thing, but we do fall short from time to time. Better to do our best and concentrate on showing God’s love than to get hung up on judging others. By the way, no one has really been unkind to me for not blogging.

Anyway, I came across this YouTube video I thought was funny. I love it when Christians have a sense of humor - I think laughter is one of God’s greatest gifts. Too bad non-Christians generally have an impression of Christianity as being a humorless, judgmental religion.

I sure hope this is not your idea of Jesus or Christianity. Turn up your volume and click on red link "It's time for me to tell you what you have done wrong since I last saw you."

1 comment:

Amy Cheshire said...

Yea for using youtube! Very funny voice over. My Jesus use to sound just like that.