July 11, 2007

Thoughts From The Past..

I will never forget the experience of pastoring my first church. I was just 27 years old and fresh out of Bible College. The church we were called to was a small country church. If I remember correctly, over 80% of the church was over 50 years old, which at that time seemed very, very old. I was young, ambitious, and very excited. They were old, settled, and very satisfied. It wasn't long until the honeymoon was over. Words about me, my family and my ministry begin to fly around all over the place. So, being discouraged, I decided to call my old preacher dad. I told him all the unkind things people were saying about me. I shared how they were unthoughtful and unappreciative. I was having one BIG pity party. I thought if anybody would hear me out and understand it would be him. So after going on and on, he finally stopped me and said, "Son, if the mailman stopped at every barking dog he would never get the mail delivered". He then hung up, making his point. He left me all alone holding the phone having to think about what I had been called to do. I got the point. I had good news to deliver, therefore, I must stay focused. That country preacher counsel has helped me many times in my life and ministry. It might be good counsel for you as well. Don't spend more time listening to people than you do listening to God. Selah! (Pause and think about that.)

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