March 9, 2007

So this is the proof I'm a 'Real Christian'

A friend just sent me an e-mail that reminded me of something that obviously we both despise.

From time to time I will get an inspirational e-mail from some well-intentioned person. It is often thought provoking and somewhat encouraging. At the end it challenges my faith by informing me that if I did not forward the email that I was not standing up for Christ.
It then encourages me to join the minority of real Christians, the 7%, who will forward the message.

I do not forward these type messages. In fact I delete everything that has FW: in the subject line unless I know the person who sent it very well.

You may question whether or not I am a real Christian. You may think I am a rebel. Come to think of it, I did buy a solid black F-250 truck that Ford calls the Outlaw.

I do stand up for Christ, but refuse to let my participation in an email campaign be the proof of it!

I hope you are one of the 93% who stand up for Christ and don't need to forward an email to prove you are a Christian.

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Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. You put my thoughts into great words. Keep up the awesome blog.