March 22, 2007


I have taken up photography and am now an amateur photographer. It all seems so strange. You see when I was a young man growing up, I never read or wanted to learn anything. But now it seems I read anything and want to learn everything. Being computer illiterate a few years ago, I wasn't happy until I could build a website and write a little html code. But for several years now I have enjoyed taking pictures and capturing memories. In fact to this day I carry a camera on me most of the time. My plan does not include becoming a professional photographer, but simply learning how to take very good pictures. With cameras today it is pretty hard to take bad pictures. For me I want to move from taking good pictures to taking great pictures.
I thought I would post the two cameras I use. As I stated I carry the little one with me all the time. For those who give a rip. The Cannon is a D20 and the lens is a EFS 17-85mm. The pocket camera is a Nikon CoolpixS7c.

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Cottoneyejoey said...

I too share the passion of capturing visual memories.