March 21, 2007

Safe Answers or Serious Questions

I was at Barnes and Noble this week and I picked up Anne Lamott's book "Grace Eventually". She always makes me think outside the box and she did it again. I began to think about growth and maturity (spiritally, psychologically, emotionally ect..) I have discovered in the last few years one will never grow or mature as long as they hold tightly to everything they have ever been told or taught. Growth and maturity doesn't come by acquiring safe answers, but rather by asking serious questions. When I was a child I thought grown-ups and teachers knew the truth, because they told me they did. It has taken most of my life to learn that the first step to finding truth is a willingness to question and unlearn much of what I was taught. Their main pitch was, and is the same today, that achievement equals happiness. We should know this is not true by simply looking at wealthy movie stars and athletes. To find happiness you will have to stop playing their game and find contentment in what you have, and peace with yourself and your Maker. Anne Lamott said, "I saw and smelled the cheese, I lived on it for years, and it wasn't worth it. It was plain old Safeway Swiss.

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