March 20, 2007

REUNITED at last...

It was so good to see Preacher's wife yesterday when I flew in from Paris (Texas that is). She had just returned home from her long trip to Arizona with her "Sisters On The Fly". I parked her trailer, unpacked my bags, sat down and viewed all her pictures, and then we went out an enjoyed dinner. What a nice reunion after a short 12 days. I have been accused of being too romantic. I don't care what anybody says, it is wonderful to still be in love with the 16 year old girl you married. From time to time people ask, "what makes for a long, loving marriage?" I am not totally sure. But I will admit things got really good after I quit having to be RIGHT. I immediately discovered HAPPINESS. Anyway my experience validates the old adage: I had rather be HAPPY than RIGHT. It worked for me.


The Texan said...

What if I'm only happy when I'm right? haha Congrats on the reunion!

cottoneyedjoey said...

Hey Tex,
So,SonofaPreacher, has the better perspective here wouldn't you agree? Then again, you were poking a little fun at the situation.
I would have taken issue if he'd stated the adage: "Ain't nobody happy if Mama ain't happy!" Then the proper response might sound something like "Mama needs to get over herself." Or in Christian-nese (Over Her flesh.).
But to serve the woman of your heart/life or anyone for that matter takes things to a higher level.
Well, I've come to expect some pretty straight shooten from SonofaPreacher. Plain old Horse sense... Yeppers.

april t said...

i am a 'sister' and i was in az as well. great trip!

i think it's very sweet how you miss your preachers wife and are brave enough to share. restores my faith in husbands!