January 31, 2007

Our Upcoming Trip To Amman, Jordon

We have finalized our plans for our first trip to Jordon to do a Pastor/Leader’s Conference with our friends Ron and Gretel Hibbert. We will be leaving April 8th Easter Sunday.

Politically and Spiritually, Jordan is one of the most strategic countries in the Middle East. Along with Egypt, it is one of the more tolerant Mulim countries and there is some measure of freedom for Christains. Some persecution does exist, approximately at the level that Eastern European countries experienced under communism. It is possible to have a registered church and to evangelise amongst people of a broad Christian faith, but it is forbidden to try to convert Muslims.

Pastors and leaders are subjected to frequent questioning by the secret police and sometimes their service are infiltrated by informers. Christians are still in a signifciant minority, with only about 30 spirit filled churches in the whole country. Pastors and Leaders do not have access to training and therefore their knowledge and experience is often at a low level. It is easy to become discouraged when faced with restrictions.

These leaders live and work under great pressure and need good Bible based training, as well as prayer and encouragement. This is what we will endeavor to do. Feel free to contact us if you would like to assist us in this outreach.

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