October 29, 2006


This blog can't compare to a wonderful wife, great children or beautiful grandchildren. But if we are talking dogs, well...my dog can't compare. I must admit this 8 minute 32 second video got my attention. I was touched almost to tears. If you have 8 minutes and 32 seconds this may touch you too. Click link The Amazing Dog from Quinlin,Texas"

October 27, 2006

More beautiful grandchildren

I was out of town when my grandchildren came by, but Preacher's Wife was able to get a few pictures. I thought you would agree that these are very cute kids. They are doing well in school and are excited and looking forward to the holidays ahead.

October 23, 2006

What else can I do for you?

Preacher’s Wife informed me that her dad’s window air conditioner bit the dust last night at bedtime. I assured her that I thought she was competent and would have no trouble installing a new one. After all, she is one of the most gifted, talented women I know. She is good at everything she sets her mind too. She is a great daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, nurse, cook, and seamstress. She actually is a Jill of all trades. Today I was going about my daily routine when she called and said she needed me to come home and help her take her dad for an unexpected visit to the doctor. Being the compliant husband and servant that I am, I rushed right home. On the way to the doctor she noticed she needed gas in her car, so being the southern gentleman I am, I got out and filled the tank using my weekly allowance. By the time we got home from the doctor I was feeling so good about being a humble servant that I installed the air conditioner for her. So at present I am at the top of her list.

October 18, 2006

So you moved it again....

You know I am low on blog material when I have to resort to writing about my older sister. She lives in an apartment at the back of our home. She is retired and has way to much time on her hands. I drop by to see her every week only to discover that she has rearranged the furniture again. You have to understand this apartment is only 1,000 sq. feet. There are only so many ways to arrange the furniture in that amount of space. I usually don’t stay long because she begins to tell me how much her back is hurting. Somehow she has not made the connection between moving furniture and her back always hurting. Please understand I could care less, but I am amazed at her creativity. I guess the upside of this is, if she is upstairs rearranging furniture she is not downstairs trying to rearrange my life.

October 15, 2006

Is she not the cutest thing?

Preacher's wife and I are blessed with five beautiful grandchildren. Our youngest granddaughter Lenzy has decided she wants to take gymnastics. She agreed to pose for me after one of her classes. Is she not the cutest thing?

October 9, 2006

The girls ride again...

Preacher's wife got home this morning. She made a trip last week to Kansas with a group of Sister's on the Fly. They camped, visited, got to know each other, and rode horses. She said she had a great time but probably wouldn't be intrested in that lengthy of a trip for awhile. Anyway, I am sure glad to have her home.

October 7, 2006

The Backporch

As you know one of my hobbies is photographing old country churches. Since I sold my motorcycle I haven't been diligent about looking for them. But I still enjoy taking pictures. Of course you can tell if you are a real photographer that it's more of a hobby than a vocation. I decided in between times of not having much to say on son of a preacher that I will post a photo or two. This is our backporch where preacher's wife and I sit and ....... sit.

October 5, 2006

I'm home for a while..

Well, I came home today to an empty house (except for Bo). He was happy to see me as usual. Preahers's wife called and said that she made it safely to her destination in Kansas. The trip was about 12 hours from San Antonio. She stopped in Ft. Worth to spend one night with our youngest daughter. She said she was having a great time, and for that I am thrilled. I am so pleased be be married to a creative, adventerous, independent lady. You probably notice I write a lot about Preacher's wife, but it's because Preacher's wife is Preacher's life.

October 2, 2006

On The Road Again...

Preacher's wife and I had a great weekend. I drove to the Rio Grande Valley on Friday morning and she flew in on Friday evening. We had dinner together and talked about her upcoming trip to Kansas. We spent the day together on Saturday and she flew back to San Antonio on Sunday morning. I think her wanting to fly to the Valley instead of drive may of had something to do with her upcoming trip to Kansas in her little trailer to meet up with some Sister's on the Fly. I have to say she is some kind of woman to pull her trailer for 14 hours to Kansas by herself. Honestly though, I really do like the fact that she loves adventure and is independent enough to function without me. Occassionally, I will say to myself, "she really doesn't need me," then I am reminded that I am the one who has to wash and clean her trailer before and after a trip. So I guess I really am needed.