September 28, 2006

Friends should be friends forever..

I received a call this week from a funeral director in Harlingen, Texas. He tracked me down and ask if I would be willing to conduct the service of a man he said I knew 30 year ago. It’s been a long time since I have done a funeral, but I agreed to do it. This man and his family brought back many wonderful memories from the past. It was in 1976 that my family and I moved to Combes, Texas where I would pastor my first church. Being very young we attracted many young families. Dayton and Hope visited the church and soon became Christians. I was privileged to baptize them and eventually baptize their children. I was sad to hear that he had died so young. So today I find myself thinking about friendships. Preacher's wife and I are blessed to have so many friends. I have decided it is good to: 1) Value them more. 2) Keep all my present ones. 3) Hopefully add others along the way. Maybe today it would be good to call a friend and show appreciation for the friendship. My prayers today are for Hope and the children, as well as for all the Whitis family.

September 26, 2006

Slowly making my way...

Well I am starting to find my way around as I work on this one particular website. Thanks to my web master in Houston who initially helped me get up and running. If you visit www.sonofapreacher (simply a blogspot template) but you have never been to our ministry website you might check it out at www.cficonnection. I have gone with Word Press because it seems to give one more control over the sight, especially if you are a novice. I will be getting a more colorful header in the near future, but until then, this works. So come and visit me at CFI CONNECTION.

September 20, 2006

Needing Professional Help

OK. I admit I need help in building websites. Preacher’s wife encouraged me to get a tutor. So I decided to take her advise. This is my youngest grandson Silas who is four, nearly five. He loves to sit with a computer in his lap. It has become obvious to me that the younger generation is much more adept at computer skills. My only fear in hiring him is negotiating the price. He is a real businessman who already knows that a quarter will not buy much. So it may cost me five dollars but it is cheaper than alimony.

September 19, 2006

Recently I decided that I wanted to learn how to build websites. So I made the commitment, got the necessary equipment and instructions and began the journey. I now feel like Moses in the wilderness leading the children of God out of Egypt. Well to be perfectly honest, I feel more like the children of Israel. I’ve crossed the Red Sea and it has closed behind me so I can’t get back to where things are familiar and I am comfortable. Today I have gone in circles. I have whined, complained, cried, and criticized about any and every little thing. I made progress only to delete, by accident, all my work and had to start over. I guess that is why they say in the web world the three main words are <SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!>. Preacher’s wife, who is a very committed person, suggested I repent and let go of my commitment. She says our staying married is more important than any old website. I didn’t realize it would come to that in such a short time. So for the time being, I have closed the laptop and gone downstairs to work on my marriage...

September 12, 2006

Rain: God's gift to grass...

I was doing some “deep thinking” while sitting in my “thinking chair” at my “thinking place.” It is amazing at what thoughts come to mind when you get still and quiet. Only the birds were chirping when my mind was filled with this thought, Rain: God’s gift to grass. We have been without rain in San Antonio for a quite awhile now, so I was thrilled when it began to rain several days ago. I had already received a warning from the city for watering my lawn on the wrong day. I had decided that it was more important that my lawn get watered than the few days I would have to sit in jail. That would just be a different place to do more thinking. The new front lawn had already cost me an arm and a leg, plus a sore back, so what is a few days in jail. It seemed better than putting another new lawn in. I hope you can appreciate my thought processes when you look at these before and after pictures of my grass. It is enough to make any good man want to sit in jail for a few days.

September 6, 2006

My love for neon signs

Someone mentioned my neon Budweiser sign over my new Outdoor/Patio Kitchen. Why would a preacher ever hang a neon beer sign on his patio wall? Since the subject has been brought up let me be totally honest. I not only have a neon Budweiser sign, but also a neon Michelob sign, and a neon Bud Lite sign on the other side of the patio. The answer is, I like neon signs. So until I find a “Praise the Lord“ or ”God Rules” neon sign I am stuck with these. Be on the look out for me. I can always use another neon sign.

September 3, 2006

She said it would add value to the house

When she said she had a great idea I should have known it would involve money and some manual labor on my part. I have to admit she has great ideas but she also has what experts call “Magical Thinking.” That is when someone consistently underestimates the amount of time it will take to get something done. She said, “how long do you think this will take you?” I knew she wanted it done before dark and she was ready for me to get moving toward Home Depot or Lowes. What we’re talking about is an outdoor kitchen. Well, being the good husband I am, I headed straight for Home Depot and had her outdoor kitchen personally installed before dark. She was quite impressed. She should be because I installed prefabricated cabinets, a formica countertop, a stainless steel sink and added an outdoor under the counter fridge. The cabinets only need painting now, and she said she would do it on Labor Day. We’ll see?