June 29, 2006

Men can win by simply following instructions

You know how I love preacher’s wife! Right? Well, she let me know that my previous blog template was not easy to read. She said black was a nice background color for all my pictures, but reading white on black was very very difficult. You know me, Right? The one who is so open and teachable. So I said, “what in the world are you talking about?” She went silent, continued on with what she was doing and never said another word about it. I wanted to continue the conversation by defending and explaining my choice of colors. Not her. She had said all she was going to say. I guess you have noticed by now that the template is no longer black and white. She wins again with few words, without even trying. Remember, I wrote in my last post about good and bad influences. I warned everyone to be careful about who you associate with, because somebody would end up influencing somebody. Well, now you know. Her good influence has rubbed off on me again. Thanks darling. It’s so nice to be talking with you again.

June 25, 2006

Good and Bad Influences

This is my story and I hope you will learn from it. Many years ago I began traveling overseas spending a great deal of time in England on my way to and from Africa and Eastern Europe. In the process I met many wonderful people who were insightful and very helpful and taught me a great deal about being more effective in my call and vocation. Before I knew it I was talking different. Oh, I still retained my accent but I was using words and phrases like, “checking my diary for an open date” rather than just saying “I will take a look at my calendar” or “going on holiday together” rather than saying “let’s take our vacation together”. On one occasion my friend ask me if I was a tad peckish? I was a little put off by the question because I thought my peckish tendencies were such a personal and private thing and really none of his business. I found out that he just wanted to know if I was hungry. Then I began to eat with my fork upside down in my left hand while holding a knife in my right hand and pushing green peas up on my fork. I am telling you that this influence was so subtle. Even though most of my words still have two or three syllables, it became obvious that I had been messed or tampered with as we would say in Texas. The lesson here is it’s important who you associate with, because somebody is going to influence somebody. Another reason I know I have been messed with is because I am sitting here in the Bible belt on Sunday morning having gone to church Saturday night because I am all excited about watching England play Ecuador in football, when really I know deep in my heart it is nothing more than a game of soccer.

June 22, 2006

Sleepless in San Antoino

As if my sleeping habits aren’t weird enough, when jet lag is added you have one totally screwed up person. I only use the word ‘weird’ concerning my sleeping habits because most of my friends think going to bed at 7 p.m. is weird. You call it what you will, I simply call it the end of my day. I have yet to understand Preacher’s Wife, and pretty much women in general. On those rare occasions when I have stayed up late, I heard Preacher’s Wife say, “I am going to get ready for bed.” I thought, you mean get ready like you do when we are going out. What do you mean get ready for bed? Forty-five minutes later, she floats to the bed. Mind you, I have only been awake a few times to observe this ritual. I have never gotten ready for bed in my life. I simply sit on the side of my bed, sometimes I even take my clothes off, and then lay back and I’m gone. THAT SIMPLE! So what is this getting ready for bed stuff?

June 18, 2006

London via St. Tropez on the French Riviera

Preacher's wife has not traveled abroad with me for almost 5 years. I decided that on the next ministry trip overseas I would take her and we would spend a week together in some far away romantic place. So it was St. Tropez. We had a great ministry trip but also a great time together. If you are interested in seeing our photos you can click on this link Our Pictures of France

June 17, 2006

Guess where we have been...

Well we are back and I will tell you more about it after a good night's sleep. Just a hint... Where we are staying tonight, the bridge isn't really falling down.