May 31, 2006

Every man needs a good wife...

Preacher’s wife and I have been busy the past couple of days getting ready as well as entertaining my pastor friends from different parts of the country. A couple of times a year we all gather here in San Antonio for a little R and R. We both enjoy it, even though Preacher’s wife gets pretty worn out because she is such a great hostess. She puts her dad to bed at 1 a.m. and then grabs a few hours sleep and then is up at 5:30 a.m. preparing food for breakfast. She is one “ low maintenance” “high impact” lady. After all her hard work this week I told her if she wanted to she could wait until tomorrow to mow the lawn.

May 26, 2006


As I stated in my last post, Preacher’s wife and I went to see the Da Vinci Code. We had an enjoyable time seeing a well made movie with one of our favorite actors, Tom Hanks. When we came out of the movie theater we discovered that my truck had been broken in to. I gave it a quick once over and found that my Treo 650 cell phone, that was left over the visor, was missing and then on to the console where my Roadmate 700 Magellan was missing. I think all told about $1600.00 worth of stuff was gone. What ticked me off the most was a set of keys to my RV was taken. I find it strange how different things affect different people. I was actually very calm and Preacher’s wife, who is normally calm, was having a fit. She took her phone and called my number and left a voice mail that even I hope the thieves don’t retrieve. To top it all off, when I got home my good friend Rick called and said the reason I was having this trouble was because I went to a heretical movie. So I asked what was the reason that he was home for two days waiting for a service man to repair his well pump, and why were armadillos destroying his flower beds. He could not answer the question, but only replied that he would probably go see the movie too since he wasn’t any better off than I was.

May 25, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Yes, Preacher's wife and I saw the movie. I also read a blog of one of my friends that I tend to agree with. I thought you might be interested in how some other Christians think.

My friend writes:
I’ve read the Da Vinci Code. I plan on seeing the movie, which I hear is better than the book. I liked the book. It was a fun read.

I have no interest in discussing Dan Brown’s scholarship or lack thereof. Anyone who paid attention in seminary has heard of these extra-biblical sources and knows that Mr. Brown’s book is an adventure story and not a biblical or historical treatise. The Da Vinci Code has roughly the same relationship to biblical and church history that James Bond has to the world of secret agents. And hey, what’s wrong with that? It’s a good read. Like a Clancy novel.

I’m interested in two larger issues that this whole Da Vinci Code debacle has brought to my mind. The first is interesting, but the second is more important.

First, when will religious groups finally figure out that publicly denouncing a book or a movie is the surest way to guarantee its success? Religious people never seem to understand that the world is filled with people who do the exact opposite of whatever they suggest. Hell, I'm one of those people myself. If I hear that church people hate a movie, I'm in line for tickets on opening day. Has the Church forgotten Salman Rushdie? Would any of us know that name if he hadn’t been condemned by the Muslims? Has the Church forgotten Martin Scorcese’s movie, “The Last Temptation of Christ?” In that case, the Church in America single-handedly turned a mediocre movie into a blockbuster hit.

Nice move Church. Perhaps you should have added some basic chess lessons to your seminary curriculum.

But whatever. If the Church wants to make a lot of money for Dan Brown and Ron Howard, what do I care? Both the book and the movie will be off the radar in a few months. Nothing will have changed.

The second thing I’d like to mention is more important for the Church to consider. Christianity is a major, world-wide religion. It is 2000 years old and is the largest common expression of spirituality in the history of humanity. Does the Christian Church really need to worry about a book and a movie? These things are here today and gone tomorrow, almost literally. The Christian Church has withstood the Roman Empire, medieval Christianity, and the Age of Enlightenment. Somehow the Church even manages to survive its most dangerous challenge - scandal, decadence, and corruption within its ranks. Will Dan Brown now topple us?

I understand a carefully worded response to scholarly inaccuracies, but I don't understand the anger, the outrage, and the hoopla. Anything more than a gentle, factual correction is as silly as if George Bush were to show up at Patooka Elementary School with the secret service because a 4th grader said something mean about him. It's as silly as if Ron Howard and Tom Hanks were to show up at my door, screaming at me for lifting a Da Vinci Code graphic from their website. Why would they bother? What threat am I to them?

The best and only appropriate response for the Church is to be about the business of the Church. Don't we have, I don't know, CHURCH things to be doing? Or even better, human things to be doing? If our love of humanity was as radical as Jesus called it to be, then we would never have to say a word.

In my mind, every time the Church responds to something like this with angry words, it is a bold indictment of our lack of active love, and therefore lack of relevance in this world.

May 22, 2006

Goodbye Friend

Well, I am finally saying goodbye to my motorcycle. Preacher’s wife and I had a talk and we decided it was time for me to say goodbye to my neglected friend. I bought her in August of 2004 during what some said was my mid-life crisis. If that was a mid-life crisis it wasn’t too bad. Some of my friends left their wives and families during theirs. I simply bought a big expensive toy that I didn’t need. I would ride off during the day but always came home to my wife at night. In light of what a mid-life crisis cost my friends (alimony and child support) I got by pretty cheap. Plus, I still have my life to show for it. Preacher’s wife and the Lord both let me live. I have many wonderful memories of our times together riding through the hill country of Texas. I will always treasure those memories. Now, I must move on to setting up and tearing down camp at RV parks. So now I bid farewell by saying, “So long friend. You were enjoyable and good to me.”

May 18, 2006

The final chapter...

Hopefully, I am writing the last chapter of “The Saga Of Our New Residents”. I boarded up the hole in the attic where the raccoons were living. I had hired Critter Control to help me vacate the attic at 70 bucks a critter, plus the initiation fee of $199.00 (of course that included the first critter). The total bill was a little over $500.00. Having now refinanced and gotten a home improvement loan to close all future possible points of entry I feel a little better, at least I am sleeping better. There is nothing that compares to the sound of two 30-pound raccoons in your attic fighting, playing tennis, making love, or whatever they were doing. Preacher’s wife said last night that today is the day I work on the roof, so I am up early ready to bring loads of joy to her heart. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being a submissive husband unless it is getting rid of critters from ones attic.

May 17, 2006

So what is new...

Quite often people ask me what I am reading. So I have placed my most current reading list at the bottom of my blog below the old church pictures for those of you who are interested.

May 11, 2006

Did you spell Albuquerque correctly?

Preacher's wife had never been to the top of the Sandia Mountains, so we took a tram to the top and had dinner at the High Finance Restaurant. We had a wonderful time. I thought I would post a few pictures to allow you to see the beauty of Albuquerque and New Mexico. (Top:) Sandia Peak Tram (Center:) Sandias from the top (Bottom:) Albuquerque at night from 10,000 feet

May 10, 2006

Can you spell Albuquerque?

Preacher's wife and I flew out to Albuquerque last Friday. It was past time for our visit to the CFI church we oversee here. Pastor Eddie Howard and I have been in relationship for almost 20 years. He and his wife Mary Ann are such good friends. I will post some pictures in a day or two. We are having a great time catching up on old times.

May 4, 2006

Raccoon Relocation

For those following the saga of new residents, the score now stands at raccoons 4, and opossums 0. I may go broke supporting the raccoon relocation program. Did you know it cost $70.00 to relocate one raccoon. We think there may be at least one if not two or three more snooping around. If anyone would like to relocate a raccoon in honor or memory of someone, please let me know.

May 3, 2006

What a catch!

Well, as I stated, I called Critter Control. I thought I had possums but my catch proved me wrong. It was raccoons. When I awoke this morning and climbed on the roof both my traps had a raccoon in it. One of them weighed almost 30 lbs. No wonder it sounded like a thunderstorm in the attic. Anyway, the critter man took them away and reset the traps. If nothing breaks the barrier in a couple days and we have no new catches, I can seal up the house and hopefully be through with critters in the attic.

May 1, 2006

I give up!!!

I am not a quitter. Ask anyone who knows me. But I am tired of dealing with possums. I was told to put lights in the attic and keep a radio playing all the time. This would make them uncomfortable and they would eventually leave. So, I put the only lights I had, which were not that bright, but they were lights. I also put a radio there with some Frank Sinatra playing. I thought based on the instruction I was given that this was doing something that would eventually eliminate these critters from my attic. The only thing I didn’t do was put out some wine. Obviously, I created the mood for romance with the lights and music. I am convinced they are starting to breed. The noise is horrendous. I give up! I am calling Critter Control.