March 28, 2006

Your BEST and your WORST day.

I have been re-reading ‘Mere Christianity’ by C.S. Lewis. I find his writings so thought provoking, as well as encouraging. I came across a line that I thought might benefit us all today. It has to do with failing and failure. As humans, we seem to be too easy or too hard on ourselves. I am sure there is a balance here somewhere. I do however think we berate and castigate ourselves more than seeing ourselves the way God sees us, while still believing in us. Anyway, this line was very encouraging. Lewis says, “we will never attain perfection by any human effort therefore, we must always be asking for God’s help. Having to ask for God’s help continually cures our illusions about ourselves and teaches us to depend on Him.” The bottom line is, we cannot condone our actions or trust ourselves, even in our BEST moments, and, on the other hand we need not despair or condemn ourselves in our WORST moments. So when we fail we are not failures. We simply need to ask His forgiveness and seek to do better. May we all be encouraged by these words.

March 26, 2006

Open Mouth Insert Foot

This past week I took my daughter’s car to our mechanic to have it inspected and to make sure everything was safe and in good working condition. While there, I experienced something I hope I will never forget. As I entered the office, a nice grandmother was standing at the counter being waited on. When it came my turn in line I began to pop off about how children and grandchildren can really make a mess at home and in the car. I then made some cute statement about grandchildren jumping on the couch and how they needed to have their bottoms spanked. All of the sudden the grandmother standing next to me began to cry. She said, “I sure wish my grandson could jump on my couch. You see he is a quadriplegic. He is 14 and wasn’t expected to live beyond his fifth birthday.” Well, you must know I felt about one inch tall. Standing there feeling smitten and rebuked, I reached over and put my arm around this dear lady and proceed to tell her that God had put her in my path to remind me that I needed to be thankful for the wonderful children and grandchildren God had given me. We went on to have a good conversation. I was reminded even though we all need to be spanked every once in a while, we must never forget to be thankful.

March 24, 2006

It is Springtime in San Antonio

I have such a green thumb. I shelled out 75 bucks to our yardman, 100 bucks to our landscaper, and they made me look like a hero in our neighbor. Trees are budding, flowers are blooming and I love it. There is nothing quite like Springtime in San Antonio and the Hill Country of Texas. I guess somebody has to live in Anchorage, Alaska or Piggott, Arkansas. I am just glad I get to live in Texas. I hear it rising up within even as I write. “Texas our Texas, all hail the mighty State, Texas our Texas so wonderful and great.....“ I am sure someone just surfed by this sight and is having a real problem about me being so proud of being a Texan. I guess I could move to Alaska and contend with the weather, or maybe someone wants to move to Texas (San Antonio) and enjoy this beautiful Springtime with me. Well, I seem to have said enough to upset a few folks who aren't Texans. GOODBYE.

March 23, 2006

Headed to the FINAL FOUR...

I have always wanted to go to the NCAA Final Four. This year it’s in Indianapolis, Indiana. I mentioned it to Preacher’s wife thinking it would be a great trip in our fifth wheeler. We could save some money this way and enjoy a little time to ourselves. Of course wanting to please me, she decided to go online and see if she could buy some tickets at the last minute. WOW! What do you know, there are tickets available. I said, that is great! order them. Then she broke the sad news to me. You see the ones I wanted on the lower level court side cost $6,995.00. It was then I realized why they call it March Madness. So we plan to take our fifth wheeler to hill country, get a nice little spot, and set up the satellite dish. The cost will be $82.00 not counting refreshments.

March 20, 2006


Tim (the tool man) Taylor inspired me to do some things around the house. One of those things involved going up on the roof. I thought I would start at the top and work my way down. And that was exactly the way it was suppose to happen. The problem was, I never made it to the top. On my way up, having almost made it, I ended up on the ground. It all happened so fast. One second I was near the top and the next I was on my butt leaning up against the house. The landing couldn’t have been on a better spot. It is the most cushioned part of my body. If I only I hadn’t stuck out my hand to break the fall I would be fine. But here I sit with one hand bruised and swollen, rejoicing that I didn’t land on my head. When Preacher’s wife found out what I had done she said, I was going to the “home”. By the way did I mention that I was wearing my flip flops and pajamas?

March 17, 2006

Me Ignore you! NEVER!

I have discovered the cell phone can be a blessing as well as a curse. But let me extol how it is a blessing. I use a 650 Treo and one of the nice features is that when a call comes in, the caller ID shows a name on the screen as well as two icons. You are given a choice, one icon says ANSWER, the other says IGNORE. On occasion I will choose the IGNORE option. But ONE thing I have learned living with Preacher’s wife is, I better never hit IGNORE when her name shows up. Of course I assured her that I would never choose that button when she calls. Why she doesn’t believe me I will never know. It may have something to do with our history. Gotta run, her name just showed up on the screen.

March 14, 2006


I promise not to bore you with to many RV stories and pictures, but I quickly discovered in the RV world there is a great difference between some of us and some of them. I am very grateful for what we have and do not see myself ever complaining about the good things we've been blessed with. But I wanted to show you how some others live, as well as what my 5th wheeler wants to be when it grows up.

March 13, 2006

Who would have ever thought I would have enjoyed this...

Preacher’s wife and I decided to go away for the weekend to put the RV and our relationship to the test. I thought I had better show up somewhere, even if only on the internet to prove I am still alive and we are doing well. I think we both enjoyed the experience very much. We had decided earlier in the week to go to Kerrville and stay at the Buckhorn Lake Resort. This was our first big mistake because this place had more amenities than you can shake a stick at. I have only stayed in an RV (which we called a trailer) at the hunting lease with my buddies. To stay in that trailer you really had to love hunting or be in need of proving you’re a real man. Well, when they told me at the Buckhorn that we had a pool, a hot tub, cable and wireless internet throughout the park, I knew we would be spoiled for life when it came to RV parks.

March 8, 2006

Believe it or not...I have been a busy man!

Hello from San Antonio. This is your old and almost forgotten friend, son of a preacher. You may ask, “where have you been?” Well, I was in a cave for a couple of days only coming out briefly to get my RV ready to go on the road. I have yet to pull away from the house to some nice secluded spot, but that should happen this weekend. Preacher’s wife and I thought if we can find a nice spot this spring break week we would go away for a couple of days. We thought this would be a good time to test the RV as well as our relationship. It may be possible to live together for 37 years in 2500 square feet, but 240 square feet is another thing. I have a feeling we will pass the test, but I will keep you posted.

March 1, 2006

Trying something new...

An old friend of mine said something years ago I will never forget. He said, “when was the last time you tried something for the first time?” Well, Preacher’s wife and I thought we would try something new for at least a couple of years. As many of you know, my work takes me from city to city, and church to church. Presently, I associate with, and serve a dozen or so churches and pastors on a regular basis. I usually zip in and out on a weekend and then back to San Antonio. So we’ve decided, for a time, to pull an RV and stay in the area a little longer than a weekend. We want to spend more time with our pastor friends and their congregations, and possibly see some new sights in our journey to and from. If we like it, we will continue. If not, we will try something else. It has been said by many people that they regretted looking back on their lives having tried little or nothing new. I have been privileged to travel in over 30 countries in the world, but never anyplace by RV. Who knows we might like it!