February 25, 2006

I passed!!! I passed!!!

The children and grandchildren have gone home. I have mixed emotions. I am happy because we had such a wonderful time together, and sad because I miss them already. It is so quiet and calm around here that I am not sure how to act. Now somewhat different from my childhood days, I am so eager to get my report card from Preacher’s wife on how I did at being a good husband, father, father-in-law, and poppy. You need to know Preacher’s wife does not grade on the curve. She is not quick about promoting someone who has not made the grade. I sit here with the feeling of excitement and dread. Here it comes. Yea! I passed! I passed! The only bad mark I got was the day I gave the kids the “special medicine” that made us all fall sleep while the big people went to the mall. Usually, after we have failed in some area we ask ourselves what we learned, and what we would do different next time? Well, I learned that all children need to take a nap in the afternoon, and next time I will not take the “special medicine” with them. So now when people ask me how I am doing, I just say, “I am learning and growing.“ That is part of what life is all about.

February 24, 2006


To those of you who might be interested, or have friends who are intrested, I have started posting my weekly leadership IMPACT lessons online. Feel free to forward to your family and friends. It can be found at www.impactleadershiplessons.blogspot.com

February 20, 2006

He was a real fisherman...

I am not one for living in the past, but I do enjoy reminiscing especially about my preacher daddy. He so enjoyed life and living. I will never forget how just about every Monday he would take off and go fishing below the dam at Lake Texhoma. Sometimes after school we would ride out to Davis Lake and try our luck. Well, I would try my luck, for him fishing wasn’t luck because he always seemed to catch something every time we went. He enjoyed it quite like no one else I know. I came across a picture in my files that shows how much he enjoyed it.

February 17, 2006


Three of my wonderful grandchildren arrived from Denver on Thursday. I told Preacher’s wife that I was going to be the best husband, father, granddad, and father-in-law that anyone could ask for during the children’s homecoming. So, I decided to babysit them while the grown-ups went to the mall. You can see by the pictures that I am a very exciting poppy. I have a way with children and parishioners. I waited until Preacher’s wife and Preacher’s daughter left for the mall before I got my “special medicine” down from the cabinet. I knew when they returned they both would be impressed with my baby-sitting abilities. What I never dreamed would happen was that they would catch me in my moment of weakness. I was informed that I got no points for this and would have to start over and do it right. So tomorrow is another BIG DAY!

February 16, 2006

Our family is celebrating President's Day...

Like most families we come together at Thanksgiving and Christmas. But having married children who do not live close by, and believing it is right to share, it is sometimes every other year before we all get together. This year we decided that we would celebrate President’s Day. So this weekend our children and grandchildren are coming from Denver, Ft. Worth, and Kyle. I am so excited about their coming home. We will have a few wonderful days together and then I will be excited about their leaving. I am already planning to take my grandsons to Cabela’s.

February 14, 2006

From Aloha to Howdy

It is good to be home again. I really liked Hawaii, but I love Texas. There is something about the feel of boots and jeans that thongs (the kind you wear on your feet), shorts, and sand don’t have. I prefer sand on the outside of my shoes rather than down my shorts and between my toes. Obviously, you can tell I am a native born Texan. I would visit Hawaii again in heartbeat, but as for as living there, it is Texas for me. Preacher’s wife and I were so blessed to be able to travel with friends like Tim and Pam Powell. They have been to Hawaii many times and they showed us places that most tourist s never see. Tim is one of those adventurous Texans who likes to travel the back roads, and by the looks of our rental car, it seemed we saw just about all the back roads on the Big Island. Thanks Tim and Pam for the wonderful adventure. You both are great hosts and tour guides.

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February 10, 2006

Aloha! Want to see our vacation pictures?

I remember so vividly many of our (old, ex) friends inviting us to their home after their wonderful vacation. They would wine and dine us, then usher us to the living room and make us watch their vacation videos. The video presentation usually wouldn't start until around 8 p.m. which is 45 minutes past my bedtime. Somehow our excitement over their vacation videos was our way to pay them for the wonderful meal they had just served us. I would fight to stay awake while they went on and on about this being the greatest vacation they have ever had. Now just look at me in this age of technology. I don't have to feed you, entertain you, or bore you. I just post a few pictures and you can look or not look. If you are bored by these past few days, make a note that I will be home Sunday. Maybe next week I will be back to my normal crazy self without the pictures. But for now it is volcanos, water falls, rain forest, and the pool.Visit: PREACHER'S PHOTOS

February 8, 2006

Who would have ever thought of going to a volcano for a vacation

I would have never imagined there could be so much lava rock in one place. I can see how a few chunks would be nice to accent your yard with, but to have a whole yard full and have to accent with grass would be a new type of landscaping for me. Today we enjoyed our helicopter ride over the big island. I thought the most exciting part was when we flew over a volcano. Preacher's wife looked at me with this strange look when we lingered for a bit over the big hot rock. I am not sure what she was thinking, but knowing her as I do, I could almost guess. Well, I made it back safely to the lava resort. I think they call it the Kona Hilton Village. Nice, really nice considering it sets on lava.

February 7, 2006

Hawaii in the snow...

Somehow I never thought about seeing snow in Hawaii. Yesterday we went to Mauna Kea, the highest point in the world from the earth’s crust. Today we take a two hour helicopter ride over the big island of Hawaii. I normally would not write about what we are seeing and enjoying, but Preacher’s wife will not let me go into detail about how much we are enjoying one another.

February 3, 2006

Hawaii here we come...

Many of you may remember the building project from Hell that we experienced last year. Well, because of it we didn’t get to take a vacation, unless one has a mind to call my trip to Ft. Worth for a wedding a vacation. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed Ft. Worth and the wedding was nice, but the mother of the bride never paid attention to me except to ask me how I wanted her to pay for this or that. As always I obliged her. But I wanted a week or so away from everybody except her. Sooooo we’re headed to Hawaii. Yes, we leave Sunday morning bright and early. Since you have seen and guessed what I probably look like from the hot tub picture, you have no doubt come to the conclusion that we don’t do the beach except to enjoy pretty people throwing frisbees. Personally I just enjoy frisbee throwing. I will keep you posted as to how it goes.