January 31, 2006

Now I know how daddy must have felt....

I sat there captivated as the young man spoke. His words and wisdom were beyond his years. He was brief and to the point. The meeting was inspirational, informal, fun, and very uplifting. Everyone seemed to come away challenged. I thought to myself, “This is what church should be like”, and then I realized I was in church.

Being the son of a preacher, I grew up attending church regularly. Yes, that’s right, my dad made me go to church. I didn’t have to pray about it or feel led. I just got dressed and got in car, because church always seemed to be where we were going when the car started. I’ve had many people through the years tell me they no longer attend church because their parents made them go when they were small and they were turned off by being forced to go. Well, that doesn’t seem to be the attitude of any of my brothers or sisters, nor of my own children.

I know you don’t have to go to church to be a Christian, but personally I’ve always known it was the good and right thing to do. Now I will admit I have gone to some pretty disturbing churches, where the services lasted to long......and thats just the churches I pastored. I will have to say that overall I’ve had good experiences with church, though I know that is not the case with many. But I just believe, generally, you get out of something what you put into it. So I choose to invest my life into churches that are relevant, exciting (non-boring), excellent, inspirational, and that care enough to continually reach out to all kinds of people. Years ago my son said that was the kind of church he wanted to pastor one day.

Did I tell you that the young man who captivated me with words and wisdom beyond his years, that was inspirational, relevant, brief and caring was my son?

I now attend Discovery Church, the new church he started in Austin, Texas. It is so good and right for son of a preacher to sit and listen to his own son of a preacher.

January 28, 2006

Ducks And MORE DUCKS..

Preacher’s Wife enjoyed her few days without me, but I am not sure she enjoyed them more than me. On Wednesday I went to Mexico to hunt with a couple of good friends. I will withhold the names to protect the guilty. We had a good time together and the hunting was GREAT. We each got a Louisiana limit. This in itself should describe the hunt. If you hate hunting and hunters click at the top right NEXT BLOG.

January 25, 2006

Timing is everything...

On our way home from enjoying the rodeo I ask Preacher’s Wife what she thought about me going duck hunting in Mexico. She said she thought it would be a great idea. So you see a little rodeo goes a long way. Whatever you do, don’t read anything into this. I didn’t go to the rodeo so I could go duck hunting. This was not a ‘tit for tat’. I did enjoy the rodeo, but I really enjoy ducking hunting. I can see now that someone is questioning my motivation. I really think it had to do with her being locked up in a car with me for 9 hours and she needed a couple of days to herself. Since you and I know my motivation was pure, it simply had to be her good heart that allowed for her to say yes. I don’t want to get to introspective at this point, I just want to go ducking hunting.

January 23, 2006

Just like I thought...

It was just like I thought. She agreed that I was the most wonderful husband in the world and no one can prove that she said otherwise.

Ft. Worth here we come...

I have to admit Preacher’s Wife is something else when it comes to sports. Her selection of sports is a little different from mine because her favorite sport is bull riding. Yes that’s right I said bull riding. She knows every major rodeo location, bull rider, and bull fighter (clown). She lives on the OLN channel. So today I will make her happy. I am taking her to the Forth Worth Rodeo and Livestock Show. It is times like this that I realize just how wonderful of a husband I must be. She is still in bed because she stayed up late watching bull riding, but when she awakes and reads this I will find out if she agrees with the previous sentence. I am sure she will though.

January 22, 2006

Enough Is Enough...

I guess I am through writing about the hot tub. One of my friends stopped by the house with a very large beach towel and another a king size blanket. I know when enough is enough. Anyway, Preacher’s Wife couldn’t believe that I actually put a picture of myself holding a towel on my blog. I overheard her talking to someone on the phone and heard the words old, senile, and something about a home. I figured she was making some kind of plan for my life, so I have chosen to behave for a while.

January 21, 2006


I am really enjoying my new hot tub. I can't believe what some of my so-called friends are telling my other so-called friends about NOT getting in my hot tub. What do you guys think will happen by sitting where I have sat?

January 19, 2006

I will be hot tonight...

Well, the hot tub comes today and I can hardly wait. I cleared and cleaned the gazebo and found the perfect spot for her to sit. I refer to it as a her for several reasons in which we will not go into. Some people made some nasty comments about the pictures I will be posting, like they had first hand information as to the fact that they may be “R” rated. I got to run, I think I heard the delivery truck pull up. I will have more pictures to add later, and trust me you will see why preacher’s wife is really afraid for me to go from the house to the hot tub with only a towel.

January 17, 2006

You may be a Red Neck if.....

When we first moved into our home in San Antonio I was so excited to see a hot tub under the gazebo. I filled it with water and fired it up, and it worked beautifully for a few months. It wasn’t long though until its age began to show and finally it had to be put out of commission. There is just no feeling like sitting in a hot tub on a cool morning, drinking coffee. I was sad to see it go, but yesterday my excitement returned when preacher’s wife ok’d the purchased of a new one. Those things are like buying a new car, so when I asked the lady in the showroom if I could slide off my clothes and give it a test drive, preacher’s wife came unglued. I think she had visions of seeing me naked in that big, steamy, beautiful, hot tub. So I just settled for sticking my arm in and feeling the pressure of the jets. On the way home she informed me there would be no parading naked to the hot tub. It was then I realized that she had seen me in the past, making my way from the house to the hot tub. It just never made sense to get dressed, walk 50 feet, get undressed and do the same on the way back. After much discussion, we came to a compromise when I assured her that I would use a towel. She looked me over real good and then said, "Pull in here at Wal-Mart and I will run in a get a couple of beach towels". She just has a way of ending a good conversation. Well, it's morning and we are speaking again and I can hardly wait until Friday. Check back. I will be posting pictures.

January 16, 2006

Don't knock it until you've tried it.....

I had one heck of a good time this weekend meeting and making new friends with many Episcopal priest. When you were raised like I was you tend to think your group is the only one who knows and loves God. It’s sad that it had to take me 56 years to realize that God has children from all walks of life and from various religious backgrounds. When I met Bishop Ken in a pub in San Antonio I didn’t know what to expect other than he probably didn’t have a problem with beer (since we were meeting in an English pub). We hit it off immediately. When he invited me to Christ Cathedral Church, to speak on Evangelism, I was honored but somewhat uncertain of what I might encounter. But I found a group of men and women who know, love, and serve God passionately. Sunday morning was my first experience with High Church. When I walked in and saw all the candles and smelled the incense I felt right at home. You see the sweet smell of the incense reminded me of a hunting campfire. I don’t know when I’ve preached with so much freedom. I am sure it was the Lord who helped me, but the sweet smell of a burning campfire didn’t hurt. God Bless all of you my new friends.

January 12, 2006

I've come a long way baby...

As most of you know, I was born into the family of a Baptist country preacher. Dad always said he didn’t have enough to be a Pentecostal and had too much to be a Baptist. He was kind of a Baptiscostal. One day I told dad that I spoke in tongues and he said he spoke with his tongue too. I never seemed to get anything on him. He was just too old and wise.
He is in Heaven now and I wonder what he would say about his once strict, straight-laced, tea-totaling, fundamentalist, preacher son, speaking about evangelism to a gathering of Episcopal Bishops. That’s right Episcopal Bishops in Sherman, Texas this weekend. So you can see I have come a long way baby. Did I fail to mention that they are charismatic Episcopal Bishops. And as Daddy would say, they speak with their tongues too.

January 8, 2006

Some people are addicted to blogs....

Preacher’s wife ask me the other day if I was ever going to blog again. I played the question down, but I knew she was having a withdrawal from her addiction to my blog. She would not admit it, but she is hooked. She would never become addicted to a soap opera, but reading my blog and playing Snood on her computer is a different story. People who don’t blog but read blogs, have a hard time understanding why bloggers don’t blog every day. Some bloggers have a job and/or a life. I have both.

January 1, 2006

Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night...

Why should this New Years Eve be any different than all the rest. Preachers wife and I went to an early New Years Eve church service then came home and had a bite to eat. I settled down in my recliner for a nap before bedtime while she watched bull riding. Sometime between 2005 and 2006 I am not sure when, I made my way to bed. Here I sit on New Years day refreshed with no headache waiting for the ball games to start. I stopped doing those watch night services many years ago and promised never to do them again. If I remember correctly we were in Vancouver, British Colombia and I was scheduled to preach the new year in, beginning at 11:30 p.m. It was so embarrassing. They had to wake me up to preach. So I preached not in a drunken stupor, but a groggy one. Now I leave the watch night services to the late nighters and the young. I wish each of you a Happy New Year.