September 3, 2006

She said it would add value to the house

When she said she had a great idea I should have known it would involve money and some manual labor on my part. I have to admit she has great ideas but she also has what experts call “Magical Thinking.” That is when someone consistently underestimates the amount of time it will take to get something done. She said, “how long do you think this will take you?” I knew she wanted it done before dark and she was ready for me to get moving toward Home Depot or Lowes. What we’re talking about is an outdoor kitchen. Well, being the good husband I am, I headed straight for Home Depot and had her outdoor kitchen personally installed before dark. She was quite impressed. She should be because I installed prefabricated cabinets, a formica countertop, a stainless steel sink and added an outdoor under the counter fridge. The cabinets only need painting now, and she said she would do it on Labor Day. We’ll see?


Granna said...

Are you sure that preaching was your first call?

gina said...

Very nice!