September 12, 2006

Rain: God's gift to grass...

I was doing some “deep thinking” while sitting in my “thinking chair” at my “thinking place.” It is amazing at what thoughts come to mind when you get still and quiet. Only the birds were chirping when my mind was filled with this thought, Rain: God’s gift to grass. We have been without rain in San Antonio for a quite awhile now, so I was thrilled when it began to rain several days ago. I had already received a warning from the city for watering my lawn on the wrong day. I had decided that it was more important that my lawn get watered than the few days I would have to sit in jail. That would just be a different place to do more thinking. The new front lawn had already cost me an arm and a leg, plus a sore back, so what is a few days in jail. It seemed better than putting another new lawn in. I hope you can appreciate my thought processes when you look at these before and after pictures of my grass. It is enough to make any good man want to sit in jail for a few days.


Anonymous said...

Hey is that Zoysia!? Nice yard man!

Granna said...

Now that has given me pause to think...and me without a thinking spot!
I wonder what I would consider worth spending a few days in jail over?
I'll have to get back to you with that.