September 28, 2006

Friends should be friends forever..

I received a call this week from a funeral director in Harlingen, Texas. He tracked me down and ask if I would be willing to conduct the service of a man he said I knew 30 year ago. It’s been a long time since I have done a funeral, but I agreed to do it. This man and his family brought back many wonderful memories from the past. It was in 1976 that my family and I moved to Combes, Texas where I would pastor my first church. Being very young we attracted many young families. Dayton and Hope visited the church and soon became Christians. I was privileged to baptize them and eventually baptize their children. I was sad to hear that he had died so young. So today I find myself thinking about friendships. Preacher's wife and I are blessed to have so many friends. I have decided it is good to: 1) Value them more. 2) Keep all my present ones. 3) Hopefully add others along the way. Maybe today it would be good to call a friend and show appreciation for the friendship. My prayers today are for Hope and the children, as well as for all the Whitis family.

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gina said...

It was really good to see you. I hate that it was due to my Uncle's passing but he is in a much better place. :)