May 4, 2006

Raccoon Relocation

For those following the saga of new residents, the score now stands at raccoons 4, and opossums 0. I may go broke supporting the raccoon relocation program. Did you know it cost $70.00 to relocate one raccoon. We think there may be at least one if not two or three more snooping around. If anyone would like to relocate a raccoon in honor or memory of someone, please let me know.


Myrna said...

Hope they're not like some alley cats my granddad once carted off miles and miles away from his farmhouse. They beat him home.

Granna said...

Get a bb gun! A couple of pepperings and they ought to run to better quarters. Just don't tell anyone!! And if one of them dies...bury it in the backyard...don't get caught with the coon corpse!