May 22, 2006

Goodbye Friend

Well, I am finally saying goodbye to my motorcycle. Preacher’s wife and I had a talk and we decided it was time for me to say goodbye to my neglected friend. I bought her in August of 2004 during what some said was my mid-life crisis. If that was a mid-life crisis it wasn’t too bad. Some of my friends left their wives and families during theirs. I simply bought a big expensive toy that I didn’t need. I would ride off during the day but always came home to my wife at night. In light of what a mid-life crisis cost my friends (alimony and child support) I got by pretty cheap. Plus, I still have my life to show for it. Preacher’s wife and the Lord both let me live. I have many wonderful memories of our times together riding through the hill country of Texas. I will always treasure those memories. Now, I must move on to setting up and tearing down camp at RV parks. So now I bid farewell by saying, “So long friend. You were enjoyable and good to me.”


Marlie said...


Pat Keltner said...

Thank God! NO more bruised or broken ribs!

Anonymous said...

My friend cost me fifty eight days in the hospital, no fault of mine,you don't much of a chance when a motorhome makes a left turn on top of you. RDS.