May 26, 2006


As I stated in my last post, Preacher’s wife and I went to see the Da Vinci Code. We had an enjoyable time seeing a well made movie with one of our favorite actors, Tom Hanks. When we came out of the movie theater we discovered that my truck had been broken in to. I gave it a quick once over and found that my Treo 650 cell phone, that was left over the visor, was missing and then on to the console where my Roadmate 700 Magellan was missing. I think all told about $1600.00 worth of stuff was gone. What ticked me off the most was a set of keys to my RV was taken. I find it strange how different things affect different people. I was actually very calm and Preacher’s wife, who is normally calm, was having a fit. She took her phone and called my number and left a voice mail that even I hope the thieves don’t retrieve. To top it all off, when I got home my good friend Rick called and said the reason I was having this trouble was because I went to a heretical movie. So I asked what was the reason that he was home for two days waiting for a service man to repair his well pump, and why were armadillos destroying his flower beds. He could not answer the question, but only replied that he would probably go see the movie too since he wasn’t any better off than I was.


Justin said...

I am mad right along with the preachers wife. I would like to hear the message she left!

Pat Keltner said...

No, God's wrath was the raccoons!!!