May 18, 2006

The final chapter...

Hopefully, I am writing the last chapter of “The Saga Of Our New Residents”. I boarded up the hole in the attic where the raccoons were living. I had hired Critter Control to help me vacate the attic at 70 bucks a critter, plus the initiation fee of $199.00 (of course that included the first critter). The total bill was a little over $500.00. Having now refinanced and gotten a home improvement loan to close all future possible points of entry I feel a little better, at least I am sleeping better. There is nothing that compares to the sound of two 30-pound raccoons in your attic fighting, playing tennis, making love, or whatever they were doing. Preacher’s wife said last night that today is the day I work on the roof, so I am up early ready to bring loads of joy to her heart. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being a submissive husband unless it is getting rid of critters from ones attic.


Anonymous said... sequel? Shucks! It was just getting good!

Granna said...

Wouldn't a 22 have done the same thing and cost lest? Having had the same problem in our attic once, I wouldn't have been so politically correct!!! Shoot the buggers and then hang their carcasses out for other raccoons to see and learn from!!! No mercy here!