March 17, 2006

Me Ignore you! NEVER!

I have discovered the cell phone can be a blessing as well as a curse. But let me extol how it is a blessing. I use a 650 Treo and one of the nice features is that when a call comes in, the caller ID shows a name on the screen as well as two icons. You are given a choice, one icon says ANSWER, the other says IGNORE. On occasion I will choose the IGNORE option. But ONE thing I have learned living with Preacher’s wife is, I better never hit IGNORE when her name shows up. Of course I assured her that I would never choose that button when she calls. Why she doesn’t believe me I will never know. It may have something to do with our history. Gotta run, her name just showed up on the screen.


Anonymous said...

Is Answer to Accept as Ignore is to reject? The latter figured that out a long time ago.

Granna said...

Go on...hit that button...I dare ya!