March 20, 2006


Tim (the tool man) Taylor inspired me to do some things around the house. One of those things involved going up on the roof. I thought I would start at the top and work my way down. And that was exactly the way it was suppose to happen. The problem was, I never made it to the top. On my way up, having almost made it, I ended up on the ground. It all happened so fast. One second I was near the top and the next I was on my butt leaning up against the house. The landing couldn’t have been on a better spot. It is the most cushioned part of my body. If I only I hadn’t stuck out my hand to break the fall I would be fine. But here I sit with one hand bruised and swollen, rejoicing that I didn’t land on my head. When Preacher’s wife found out what I had done she said, I was going to the “home”. By the way did I mention that I was wearing my flip flops and pajamas?


Anonymous said...

First things first, glad to hear you weren't seriously injured.

Dress for success Preacher... leave the pajamas and flip flops to the Hugh Hefners of the world. I don't believe Timmy the Tool Guy would approve of climbing atop a roof in your jammies.

Granna said...

First the towel-less trips to the hot tub, now the trip to the roof in your jammies. I'm surprised the neighbors haven't started a petition!

Anonymous said...

When I get on the roof I wear only a tool prevents chaffing!