March 23, 2006

Headed to the FINAL FOUR...

I have always wanted to go to the NCAA Final Four. This year it’s in Indianapolis, Indiana. I mentioned it to Preacher’s wife thinking it would be a great trip in our fifth wheeler. We could save some money this way and enjoy a little time to ourselves. Of course wanting to please me, she decided to go online and see if she could buy some tickets at the last minute. WOW! What do you know, there are tickets available. I said, that is great! order them. Then she broke the sad news to me. You see the ones I wanted on the lower level court side cost $6,995.00. It was then I realized why they call it March Madness. So we plan to take our fifth wheeler to hill country, get a nice little spot, and set up the satellite dish. The cost will be $82.00 not counting refreshments.

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