July 30, 2005

Give me some relief...

My wife is nurse. I am a preacher. One of my best friends is a lawyer. Add to that an old friend I looked up this week who is a chiropractor. It just seems to be the right combination for where I am, at least for this week anyway.
It all started about four weeks ago when I did something that produced a pain in my lower back. Now my wife, who is a nurse, immediately asked “Are you sure it’s your back?” I knew what she was thinking because I don’t know how many times she has said I am a pain in the butt. “No”, I said, “It is my back.” After whining for four weeks she said I needed something besides pain relievers. “Those things may be helping you” she said, “but they’re doing nothing to help me with your whining.” So I looked up my old friend Brian. Well, Doctor Brian put me on a table and worked on me for two minutes, handed me the bill (fair price) and said, “I will see you on Monday.” Later in the day an ear infection surfaced and I asked my wife if she could help me. You wouldn’t believe the look on her face. I did what she said and took what she gave me and stretched out on the bed to rest. I lay there thinking about the builder who was slowly adding the room on my house (read “Providentially hindered”). I guess my pain made me want to inflict pain on him and the only way I thought I could do this was call my lawyer friend. Good thing for the builder I fell asleep. I woke up four hours later not wanting to kill or sue anybody. After a few minutes my wife said all we have to work on now is the whining. Whatever happened to that scripture that says, whoever finds a wife finds a good thing? Is it too much to ask after all the comfort and encouragement I have sown through the years to get a little sympathy? Finally, I said, “I am going back to bed.” Her reply was “Good. That seems to work better for me than the pain relievers you are taking.” So off to bed I went.

July 29, 2005

Don't worry...

Jesus said, “If you decide for God”… it follows that you don’t fuss about what’s on the table at mealtime or who is serving it up, or whether the clothes in you closet are in fashion (how you will look or appear). He said, Look at the birds; they are free and unfettered, not tied down to a specific place or job description. In essence don’t be caught up in trying to take on God’s responsibility. Walk out into the fields and see that it is God’s job to take care of our clothing and appearances as to how things will look. He has the bigger plan. He can see a lot further down the road than we can. If we are not careful we will become preoccupied to the point we cannot respond properly to God’s giving. When we think only of ourselves what we will eat and how we will look we tend to fuss over the wrong things. So don’t worry yourself with these things. Don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen today or tomorrow. Give your full attention to what God is doing now. God has always cared for us and will continue to do so.

July 28, 2005

The Real Goal...

Eric Liddell was called the flying Scotsman. He set a world record in the 400-yard dash at the Paris Olympics in 1924. He attributed his win to God. After his triumph at the Olympics, Liddell traveled to China where he was ordained as a minister in 1932. The film Chariots of Fire is based, in part, on his story.
When the sprinter's sister worried that his participation in the Olympics might derail his missionary career, Eric responded, "God made me fast. And when I run, I feel his pleasure." For many years now, this statement has inspired me. Please notice, he didn’t say when they applaud, or when I win, I feel His pleasure. It is not when you do what others feel you should do, or be what others want you to be, that you will feel His pleasure. It is only when you do what God has called and designed you to do and be, that you will feel His pleasure. What makes you feel God's pleasure? Find what Eric Liddell found: something that allows you to feel God's pleasure. Once you find it, move forward not seeking the approval or the applause of men.

July 27, 2005

Providentially hindered...

It has been said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a cash advance. Someone else said the bid, or estimate is the lie you tell yourself in order to get the project started. As you may know, we are adding a large room to our home so my sister can move in and help take care of my wife’s dad.
The project started with a big bang after the contractor received his cash advance. It seemed to fizzle out two days later. I can’t remember hearing that many excuses, and that much blame shifting in my whole life. What was to be a six-week job has now turned into (at this time) possibly a three-month job. Now I must wait (patiently). It is another reason for me to add to my long list of how man is unlike God. God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. It seems my workers rest six days and work one. I know that builders reading this would say that I just don’t understand how it works. I am sure of that. Growing up I was taught that you say what you are going to do, and then just do it. Early in my life a word was added to my vocabulary. I think I first heard it in church. It was the word “providential” having to do with divine intervention. It was used by some as the reason they couldn’t do what they promised or intended to do. “We had plans to do this, but we were providentially hindered.” This means God gets the blame. Well, I feel better now, having written this, at least until I hear the next excuse. Keep me in your prayers. This does not need to be put on the “unspoken request,” list at your church. It is to late for that.

Trust Jesus...

I believe one must trust Jesus rather than just trying Him. I will say though, I thought this little cartoon was interesting in light of the many who seem only to try Him.

July 26, 2005

Forrest Gump's Mom...

I think Forrest Gump’s mom had a real handle on life when she said that life is like a box of chocolates. You will never know some things until you bite into them and experience them for yourself. And like Forest, we have to have a few bitter-sweet experiences that seem to come in all different shapes and sizes before we realize it. When we are young, we live in our own little idealistic world thinking that everything will always turn out the way we planned and everybody will do everything they promised. It doesn’t take long before we realize it is just not so. We do not have to allow our disappointments to leave a bitter taste in our mouth where we think the whole box is filled with the same. It is true that chocolates come in all different shapes, sizes and taste. You not only need to taste, but also eat what you get out of the box. I have seen many people get a chocolate, taste it, and then set it down and move on to the next piece never finishing what they started. As a Christian I have learned that there are all kinds of situations that we will encounter in life. Some experiences, like chocolate, are dark; some are light, some smooth and some bitter. All the pieces were designed with variety to make the whole experience complete. You really would not enjoy life if everything was the same, and for sure you would not grow as a Christian without a variety of experiences. Now being a Christian is a wonderful life, filled with many different experiences, and God even helps us in our hard times with our unfortunate circumstances and situations. But it is best that you don’t try to pick and choose the good ones while ignoring and skipping over the ones you think might be bad or bitter. If you find yourself with a bitter tasting experience today, remember that the next piece will be different. You might just bit into a sweet juicy cherry.

July 25, 2005

Great Weekend...

I was in Harlingen, Texas on Sunday sharing with the congregation about our new church plant in Austin. The whole of our CFC churches are very excited about this new endeavor. This will be our sixth church plant. Presently, we oversee nine churches, six of them we started. If you know of anyone in the Austin area please contact them, or us and give us their name, address, and e-mail address. We will only contact them once to inform them of our new church. You can contact me by comment at the bottom of this blog or at roncorzine@cficonnection.com. I sure could use your help.

July 23, 2005

My New Vocation...

We are adding a large room to our home. It is a long story, but the short, winding, version goes like this. My older sister who is use to living alone, is going to move into our home (newly added room) to help my wife who is an only child, provide care for her father who lives in the garage (apartment). Basically we are turning our home in to a convalescent center. I told my sister last night if she comes down sick and needs constant round the clock care we were kicking her butt out. If I come down sick and she is able to care for me, she stays. If we both come down sick my wife says she is moving to Cancun. I never dreamed while preaching all those years about caring for the poor and weak-minded that I would become a Nursing Home Administrator, or Primary Care Giver. I have heard it said, “The Lord works in strange and mysterious ways.” I think it is more like this: “The Lord works in strange and mischievous ways.” I will keep you posted how it works. And if you need a place to stay, why not give me a call.

Son of a Preacher

July 21, 2005

Thanks Mr. Thompson

I was thinking again today about some people who have helped me in my life’s journey. I will never forget Mr. Thompson and all his involvement in my life.

It was Alex Haley, the author of Roots, who kept a picture in his office of a turtle sitting on top of a fence. He kept it there to remind him of a lesson he had learned many years before: “If you see a turtle sitting on a fence post, you know he had some help in getting there.”

Mr. Thompson was the superntindent of Howe Independent School District for as long as I can remember. I have many wonderful memories of growing up in Howe, Texas and attending Howe Public Schools. To be quite honest, the memories are probably much better than the actual expereince. I am sure that has to do with age and maturity.

Howe is located 8 miles south of Sherman on Highway 75. I remember when the population was less than 1,000. My graduating class only had 30 students. It was a very small school in a small Texas town.

His name was Charles Thompson. We called him Charlie behind his back and would have suffered greatly had we been caught. He was a very stoic man, but was considered a friend by all the students. Mr. Thompson believed in people and made a point of saying and doing things to remind them constantly that he really cared about them. He also taught Algerba. I remember being amazed when I saw letters and numbers in the same equation. It was by the grace of the Lord and the mercy of Mr. Thompson that I ever made it through that class. I also remember the time when a few of us boys got in trouble on school time with the local merchants and he went to bat for us. He said we were good boys and thought we deserved another chance.

It is one thing to care about people, it is quite another thing to treat them like a son. My dad was a traveling preacher much of his life and was seldom home. Mom and we children attended the First Baptist Church, where Mr. Thompson was a deacon. I will never forget him asking me if I would go with him to a Father and Son event being sponsered by the church, because he knew my father would not be able to go. He made a difficult time in my life a little easier.

A few years ago, I visted him in the nursing home. I just felt like I needed to go out of my way and say ‘Thank You for what you mean to me and all you did for me.’

Life today wouldn’t be the same without the many Mr. Thompsons in our lives. It might be good time to pause and think about someone who helped you along the way and say a prayer of gratitude for them.


For eighteen years she lived safely under my roof. I watched over her, protected her, and provided for her. Then it happened! Less than a week after her wedding, she calls from a resort area in Mexico to tell me she has a broken wrist. She said something about a ATV (all terrian vehicle) wreck. Why didn't she check with me before she tried to drive this thing? I don't like not being in charge. I'm just going to have to come to grips with the fact that she is now married and they must make their own way together. I guess the only good part of this is that I don't get the bill anymore.

July 20, 2005

Which ends up...

I just returned home from the dentist where I thought I was having a nice little check up. Come to find out I needed a root canal and a crown. What a suprise! I guess the good part was I didn't know I was going to have it done, so there was no prior anxiety to deal with. Unlike the colonoscopy (for you who may not be aware of this procedure, it is where Steven Spielberg takes a camera crew up your south end), where I had plenty of time to think about the whole event, and then think about it some more. It was maybe the worst, and most degrading thing I have ever experienced. As the numbness is now leaving my mouth, I sit all alone in physical pain. But at least it's just physical pain. Unlike the psychological pain of walking past the nurse who helped the doctor with my colonsocopy, I was able to say a cheery 'Good-bye' to the lovely ladies at Dr. Rust's office with my dignity, if not my molars, intact.

July 18, 2005

Church Planting...

Well, I had a great weekend. I was in McAllen, Texas at the church my son presently pastors. I was there to share the good news that in January 2006 our church planting team (Barry Jackson, Scott Windrum, Phil Corzine and myself) will be starting another Christian Fellowship Church in Austin, Texas. It will be called Discovery Church of Austin. Phil, his wife Trish, and their children will be relocating during or around Christmas of this year. Barry Jackson who is presently pastor of our CFC in Harlingen will pastor both of the churches in the Rio Grande Valley. If you know anyone in the Austin area who may be without a church or interested, send me their address and e-mail address. We will not solicit them, but only inform them one time of our presence in the city. They will be given an opportunity to subscribe to our Austin Discovery Monthly Update or cancel. Thanks for your help.

July 16, 2005

Shame on you...

How many times have you heard the words, “shame on you”? I can tell you if you have heard it once you have heard it too many times. Jesus didn’t come to put shame on you and me, but to take it off. Who do you know that has never felt shame for something they did or said? A women caught in the very act of adultery was brought to Jesus by some religious folks wanting Him to enact judgment. His response, “I do not condemn you, go and sin no more.” He didn’t say, you need to feel ashamed about what you have done. His words were simply, “stop, and don’t do this anymore.” There are two things I have learned in life:
1. Those who are the most unqualified to condemn you, will. So stay away from people who seek to lift themselves up by putting you down. Find people who have fallen and received God’s grace and know how to extend it to others, and walk with them.
2. The one who is the most qualified to condemn you, won’t. Stay close to Him. By doing this you will quickly discover that your sins and failures that lead to the feelings of guilt and shame doesn’t have to become a way of life. You can be forgiven and start over.
So if you are struggling with a shameful past or even present sinful ways, come to Jesus. He will forgive you, and help you, but He won’t condemn you. Having now written this, I ask myself, why do I keep writing sermon blogs? Maybe it is because I am the son of a …preacher and can’t help myself. Maybe it is because I have received grace and want to extend it someone who is feeling the pain of shame.

July 15, 2005

Doubting Ron...

Whoever said, all doubt is a sin? Maybe it was me in my early days. I am sure I have in the past tried to make others feel they were less than…if they ever had doubts. The older I get the more I see the need for embracing and running toward those things I once ran away from (doubt and fear). I think the Lord understands that any sincere question ask without guile is not a skeptical or doubting question. It is often an honest search for truth. Thomas was absent when the Lord first appeared to the disciples, so he had to live on a second hand experience. Later, he was present and had his own personal encounter with the Lord. So here is what I am learning:
1. Honest doubt can lead to your own personal encounter with the Lord. The testimony of others can only carry you so far. Eventually you need your own experience with the Lord. Thomas may have began in doubt, but he didn’t die in doubt.
2. Honest doubt can lead you to a new level of trust. Don’t condemn yourself for your doubt, but rather use it as a springboard to discover the truth about yourself and the Lord. He is trustworthy and will continue to prove He is who He says He is, and will do what He has promised.
Maybe today doubts have marched into your life unannounced. Don’t deny them, acknowledge them, and discover that He really is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

July 14, 2005

Flawed Heroes...

Last night on HBO, I watched the new hour long documentary, “Mantle." It brought back childhood memories of watching one of baseball's greatest to ever play the game. I think perhaps the most moving part of the film revealed what a dysfunctional character Mickey Mantle was at times. There is no way to see this program without realizing a large part of his life was wasted and sad. It would be so easy to focus on his flaws and failures, but I think as stated, “his real legacy is his manhood and what he overcame, and the message he wanted to deliver at the end of his life." The last two dramatic years of his life he sent out this cautionary message to young people. "If you want a role model ... don't be like me." The last five minutes of the film was as impactful and heart-tugging as any story I have seen or read in quite some time. Without diminishing the importance of character, wise choices, and behavior, I wonder if great men, more often than not, are also greatly flawed men.

July 13, 2005

Men and Church...

A friend gave me a book entitled, Why Men Hate Going To Church, by David Murrow. The title alone immediately got my attention. It is not a book about the need for a male dominated church. It is not about calling men back to church, but rather calling the church back to men. Considering all the years I pastored, I've always seem to have more men than women in attendance. Now I know why. Too long the church has tried to emasculate men and make women out of them. Again, if we are not careful we will relegate the problem to men just being carnal, rough, and earthy. While he may be a hard worker, a good provider, loving his wife and children, he prefers hunting and fishing on Sunday over long boring sermons. Ask some men why they don't go to church and they may respond with words, like boring, irrelevant, and hyprocrite. Some still enjoy a cold beer and a off colored joke. It is so easy to say, they just need to repent and be born-again. Some men are religious, but their religion is their masculinity. You may be right. They may need to be born-again, but stained glass, candles and grape juice is probably not going to be the thing that causes them to change. Could it be possible that the church needs to change a bit too? I will leave you hanging here wondering if I have gone mad. But you also may need to read the book.

July 12, 2005

Anonymously of course...

Sure enough placing the link to reallivepreacher.com stirred some folks up. I gave a warning that some might be highly offended, but it didn’t seem to stop them from visiting the site. The scripture seems to indicate that the Law has a way of arousing desires and passions within our flesh. So I guess my warning or caution set in motion some desire, passion or curiosity that needed to be satisfied. Of course the fulfillment of this satisfaction is brought about when they write their comments (anonymously of course) as to how the non-Christian world is having to stumble over some of us to become Christians. Again, this only shows me that a lot of Christians still live in their own little sub-culture or ghetto. Considering my many dealings with the non-Christian world, I have never had one person tell me or indicate in any way that they would become a Christian if it wasn’t for some carnal practice in the life of a Christian they know. To the contrary, it is usually them telling me about the hypocrisy and self-righteousness of Christians that turns them off. Look, I am not promoting carnality; I am just saying I personally do not think they are stumbling over what we think they are stumbling over. You are free to your own opinion or comment (anonymously of course)..

July 10, 2005

The Beautiful Bride

Anne and I are worn out. I will post again later today or tomorrow. I thought you might want to see our daughter as a beautiful bride.


July 9, 2005

Meet the Parents...

I started this blog for a couple of different reasons. One was to help me better express myself, and the other was so you would get to know that preacher’s kids are real people too. We have good thoughts and bad thoughts, and sometimes we keep them on the inside, and sometimes we don’t. Oh yea, and to throw in a few coarse words from time to time, depending on how I am feeling, to cause people to wonder if I am really a Christian or to scratch their head and ask where I got my credentials.
Well, today is the big day! Marlie, our youngest daughter, is getting married. Last night we went to the rehearsal dinner and I came back to the hotel with a few pictures of the parents. I thought I would include them so you would know what the grandchildren could possibly look like. Scary, huh!
We are so pleased with Marlie’s choice of Andrew. He is a fine young man and has wonderful parents. A few months ago, after Anne and I spent an evening with Bob and Judy, we decided even if our kids were not getting married we would want to be good friends with them. I think it is nice when all the in-laws like each other and get along. I won’t even have to work at this.

Son of a Preacher

July 8, 2005


I arrived in Fort Worth late yesterday for the big wedding that will take place tomorrow. As the father of the bride, I am as ready now as I will ever be. In fact, I am ready to get this thing over with, get the young couple on their way, and get back to my normal life...whatever that it. Some of the men are golfing today while the women are out spending their money. So I think I will ride off and look for some old country churches to photograph to keep my mind off the money my wife spent on this wedding. Whatever happened to little country church weddings? Here she comes, I got a go before she reads this. Adios!

July 7, 2005

“For” or “Against”

I am still amazed these days at how many professing Christians can be “for or against” someone on the basis of what they choose to believe or practice. Somehow, if it doesn’t line up with their own personal interpretation of scripture or lifestyle, they just write you off. In scripture when we read the claims of Christ and the criteria for becoming a Christian, it is pretty black and white as I read it. You are either for Him or against Him. But this seems to be a claim that He alone as the Son of God gets to make. As I understand it, He did not give Christians the right to make such a claim concerning themselves or their personal beliefs and practices. In fact He even rebuked his disciples for wanting to call fire down on the Samaritans because they didn’t welcome Him into their village (Luke 9:51-56). On another occasion He said to His disciples who were trying to stop a man from driving out demons using His name, (and because he was not with them or one of them) “don’t stop him,” for whoever is not against us is for us (Mark 9:38-41). Is it possible to be for someone because they too are followers of Christ, but choose not to be with them? I am not with (in my journey) a lot Christians and their group, but I am for them as fellow Christians. I think one can be for you and not against you -- while not being with you!

July 6, 2005

Our little secret....

I realize once I send you to this blog site you will never be back to visit me. But I just can't keep a good thing a secret. I came across a site called, REAL LIVE PREACHER www.reallivepreacher.com. Some of you who choose to go there will laugh your a__ off, others of you will be highly offended. I think the reason I enjoy the sight is because the guy is a good writer, as well as a real person who just happens to be a preacher. I couldn't believe he lived here in San Antonio. So I decided to look him up and visit his church. Sure enough he has a nice little Baptist church north of town. I enjoyed the service and will attend again.


July 5, 2005

Mixed Emotions...

I am still having mixed emotions about this wedding. I am so excited one minute and the next minute I'm mad as hell, barking at everybody in the house. As I have been writing the ceremony I will use at my daughters wedding, I realized that I write and preach sermons better than I live them. Living by our emotions is a “no--no,” as I so often eloquently preach. But I seem to be a basket case these days. I remind myself that I am a preacher, I shouldn’t think this way, feel this way, or even talk this way. What will others who read this think of me? “Who cares,” I respond. See, I have gone to talking to, and answering myself. What has come over me? I think it is because it’s getting close to closure. I haven’t used this line in a wedding in quite some time but I am thinking about adding it. “If anyone sees just cause as to why this couple should not be united in marriage, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.” Yep! It has to go in this ceremony.


July 4, 2005

Biker Thinking...

As I was riding home from church on my motorcycle, I was reminded of the need people have to be acknowledged and accepted by one another without being judged. It seems that most bikers I have met live this way. Maybe bikers live and practice some aspects of Christianity better than the church. As a new biker, it didn’t take me long to learn a little bit about the bikers code of ethics. When bikers pass one another on the road, they drop their left arm down to their side and stick out their hand to acknowledge you and say “Hi!” I personally think it is more than a kind gesture of friendliness. It is an automatic acceptance of you as a fellow traveler. In the biker’s world, no one seems to care about how many tattoos or piercing you have, or where you have them. The bikers I have talked to could care less where you came from or what you believe. The affinity is not necessarily with the person’s lifestyle or beliefs but the fact that you, a fellow traveler, are on a bike and enjoying your ride. Maybe we could all learn something from them. I know I have.

July 3, 2005

The Last Laugh...

My good friend Ron H. lives in London. He was born a Brit and will die a Brit. He is British through and through. I have told him he talks funny. He said I’m the one who talks funny. He is a proud man, in the good sense of the word. He goes on and on about serving in the Royal Air Force and playing Rugby. He brags about being the best of hookers (a position in the game). He hates movies like Braveheart, the Patriot, and U-571. He says Hollywood always rewrites history to make Americans the heroes. “And your point is?” I say. He thinks all our sentimentalism is silly so he refuses to watch Forest Gump. Speaking of silly, I asked him what do they call the hat that the guards wear at Buckingham Palace. Because we are best of friends and refuse to take things personally, we can go on and on for hours. Oh, did I mention he loves the quality and variety of goods that his British pound can buy in the great USA? But when it is all said and done, I get the last laugh. You see tomorrow is July the 4th and I will get to call him and wish him a Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday dear friend.
Son of a Preacher

July 2, 2005

An Inside Job...

This morning I rode off on my motorcycle to indulge myself in my new hobby. I have started photographing old churches. Primarily, old country churches. I think the thing that gets a hold on me when I see an old church is not how well preserved it is on the outside, but the many experiences and life changes that began in people’s lives on the inside. You really can’t judge a church by it outward appearance, by how big it is, or how modern it looks. It is the people that worship on the inside that determine its value and effectiveness. Today, too much emphasis is placed on our outward appearance. Sad, but often it is our size, or how we dress, that determines if people value and accept us. I am not saying that God doesn’t see or is not concerned about the outward, but He’s primarily concerned about the inside, the heart. He wants to make you and me better people. So take a bath, comb your hair, put on some deodorant so others will accept you, but know this, He accepts us on the basis of what we have allowed Him to do in our heart.

Dare to be real

I received an e-mail this week from my friend Brian. He said my humanity and willingness to be real was the thing that attracted he and his family years ago to attend our church. Brian said, I taught him that one could be real and still be a Christian. Those were nice things to hear, and I have no doubt he meant them, but who we are is about all any of us have to offer. It seems like when people choose to become a Christian they become this other person that no one else recognizes, and to them this is a good thing. It is now their new trademark, their calling card. They talk using words that most of the world doesn’t even understand. They dress in a way that is now acceptable to someone else’s standards. I have been around long enough to know that as a Christian we are to be a good example and a positive influence, but there is nothing positive about projecting yourself as someone or something you’re not. We are not talking about using this newfound freedom to be crude or rude (which I haven’t mastered) but we still have to live on planet earth and relate to people. We can’t offer help to them in their struggles if they think we no longer have to deal with life’s hardships, struggles and temptations. We all have them, and we all at times get overcome by them. So why give the impression that you don't. Again, let me say, I think we are most attractive and effective when we are ourselves. Just a word of caution. When you choose to be real some people are not going to like it, but trust me, most will. So be real today!

July 1, 2005

A Proud Poppy


Listen, it’s time to git-r-off the crapper and do something! You have been sitting there feeling sorry for yourself long enough. You keep saying, “when I git-around-to-it” I will do this or that. You've been aiming to do something all your life but never pull the trigger. You were created to be somebody and do something with your life that will count. Exactly when are you going to get started? I know, I’ve heard it all my life, tomorrow, right! We live in an age of victim mentality that feeds self-pity and can make us unproductive. Git up, git out of the house, go back to school, start a business…do something with your life.

Hell don't stop...

Someone once said, "If you are going through Hell, don't stop." Like most of you reading this, I too have spent several nights of my life in Hell. Speaking of Hell as a place of loneliness, anguish and separation, we've all been there. Now my religious friends, who love to read and correct my theology, would say Hell is only one of two places that man can go when he dies. And to that I say, "like Hell it is!" OK maybe it is, but one doesn't have to die to experience some of what it may be like. There is no way to avoid some hell on earth, but we don't have to camp out there. If you're ever depressed, lonely, isolated, or in a lot of pain and anguish, you need to know you are not alone. In fact, Jesus himself spent some time in Hell on earth, but he keep moving because He was on a mission. Whatever you do, don't sit down. So if you are going through Hell today, don't stop.