November 21, 2005

Ungrateful! Ungrateful! Ungrateful!

At this time of the year when we all are reminded to be thankful, I wish somebody would remind son of a preacher’s wife. Every year I faithfully offer my services to help her in the kitchen. I don’t mean just cleaning up afterwards. Anybody can do that. Every year I take my place in front of the oven door and make myself available to give instructions, to organize, to taste and generally to get things done more efficiently. And every year I am rejected. She is not even subtle with her words of rejection. Last year one of the children over heard her mention something about her handgun. Look, I thought wives liked for their husbands to help without having to be nagged. I don’t get it. Does she think just because I don’t offer to help any other time of the year that I am incapable? Who knows what she thinks? I just know come this Thursday morning, I will be back in front of the oven again, faithfully offering my services.

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Granna said...

You are a glutton for punishment...and you know what the Bible says about gluttony. Do her a favor and stay in front of the parades until you're called to carve the turkey!!!
Hope your holiday is wonderful! We'll be in Fredericksburg dining with the grandkids...always our favorite pasttime!!!