November 23, 2005

Mixed emotions...

Well, I am two-thirds happy today. You see, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and only two out of my three children will be home. I understand jobs can cause your children to live on the other side of the world. I also understand having to share them with the other side of the family. I just don’t like it. I miss the kids more on special holidays now than ever before. A parent’s idea of holiday happiness changes as the kids grow up. You see, when they lived at home, after the special event and the big meal, they were still home, and I was happy. But now after the special event and the meal, they live too far away to go home, so you get to enjoy more things for a longer period of time, and then they eventually go home, and that is something else you get to enjoy. This weekend I neither get to enjoy them staying or going, because I leave for Ethiopia on Friday morning. Boy, I sure hate to miss Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving.


Marlie said...

I'm only 2/3 happy, too. Thanksgiving won't be the same without my favorite sister. I am happy, though, to have the time with my parents. As I've grown up, I value the time with them more than ever and enjoy being in their company. I'm thankful for family.

Granna said... Walmart in Ethiopia?
God bless you over there...come home with a dazzling report! I'm sure there will be leftovers in the freezer for you!

Amy said...

Thanks for making me cry, butt-heads! I miss you all too! I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and hope you have a restful day. I love you and will see you in January.