October 30, 2005

Why son of a preacher's wife should have her own blog.

This is an article that son of a preacher’s wife submitted to Word4Winners. She is one of the wittiest people I know, not to mention she probably has the best outlook on life of anyone that I have ever met. And just to think she married me. WOW!

Who's Doing This To Me?
By Anne Corzine
To put it mildly we have been having some construction issues. In May we started a project that should have been finished in 6 weeks. It is now mid October and not only is the project not finished, but we have had to replace the breakfast room ceiling because of water damage caused by the negligence of the first contractor. He also got away with some of our money, but thankfully the little bit of work he  
did was good and didn’t have to be replaced.

My husband’s sister and her 10-month-old miniature dachshund have been living with us since July. They were supposed to be in the addition that is being built, but are in the guest room upstairs. Our backyard landscaping is a mess because of all the construction and the grass in the front yard all died because of the record heat and had to be replaced. Two weeks ago most of Ron’s tools were stolen out of the storage shed and last Sunday afternoon, I heard a thud and then the distinct sound of spraying water coming from somewhere in the entry way. When I opened the front door to make sure the spraying sound wasn’t coming from the sprinkler system, the dachshund shot out between my legs and led me on a 45-minute chase through several neighborhoods. The plumber came the next day and found that the leak was in the foundation so we now have a lot of brand new pipes. Why is this happening to me? Who is doing this? Is God trying to teach me something or is the devil after me? I have given it a great deal of thought. I know it’s not God or He would have told me. It’s not the devil either. Most Christians give him way too much credit. You know what it is? It’s just life. Stuff happens. And when it does, we get to choose how we respond. I responded by having brownies and ice cream for supper.

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October 28, 2005

Keep moving boy...

I have been sitting for a couple of days trying my best to get the creative juices flowing. It is somewhat like preparing a sermon and preaching. You love it , and you may even have a lot within stored up to say, but nothing comes. I mean zip, nada, nothing. It is just as well since son of a preachers wife just walked in and handed me a long list of things to do on this darn room addition. This room addition is somewhat like my sermons. You think it will never come to an end. Just like some people have heard about all the sermons they want to hear for a lifetime, I have had about all the room additions I want for my lifetime. But remember this, when you think you have had about as much of anything as you want, someone will come along to remind you there is more. Got to run, she just passed by and gave me a let’s get moving look.

October 25, 2005


I am sure hundreds of you, if not thousands, have been checking my blog daily for a new entry and have been so disappointed. I just returned home from England and Bulgaria. It was a great ministry trip and was very productive. I find the ministry side of my traveling a bit more relaxing these days, but as far as the physical side of traveling, that is a whole different story. Well, it’s good to be home for a few weeks and to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving with the family. I will make a trip to Ethiopia before Christmas and I will be through with my international ministry trips for this year. I actually might be able to write something in a day or two that makes sense, but for now I am dealing with jet lag. Now, where are those Tylenol PM?

October 19, 2005

To all the girls I've ever loved

This blog speaks of all the girls I’ve ever loved beginning December 6, 1968. Well, it really started in May of that same year. I was working night shift at an Exxon service station (real service, oil checking, window washing and all) and one evening a car pulled in for fuel. When I went to the window to ask what I could do for the customer, there SHE was. She was a 15 year old high school student in my hometown. In such a small town with such a small high school, how could I have ever missed her? Maybe I was looking for an older woman. Anyway, it was love at first sight. OK. Maybe it was lust, but whatever, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I wanted to sleep in her bed and I wanted her to have my children. Well, the bed sleeping part and children bearing part didn’t start then, but I asked if I could see her again. Much to my surprise, she said yes.  We started dating and I could not go a day without seeing her. She was in my thoughts continually. I wanted to marry her, but she was just 15 years old and an only child. We dated for about 6 months and then I popped the question. She said yes again. We then went to work on her parents. I remember having supper with them every night for 3 months and I am sure they felt the only way to stop me from eating with them everyday was to give me their daughter in marriage. It worked!  On December 6, 1968 we were married.  I have sleep in her bed now for 37 years and she still excites me. She has given me wonderful children and has done a fantastic job in raising them. That leads to the other women in my life that I have, do, and will always love—Amy, our oldest daughter, and Marlie, our youngest. Then there is Laureen, Lenzy, and Chloe my precious granddaughters (will write later about my grandsons). How can a man be so blessed? Anyway, I am, and I rejoice for these loves of my life.

October 13, 2005

Happy Birthday to me

Here I sit on my 56th birthday enjoying life. I feel the same, look the same, and have decided that today I will do the same as yesterday, with one exception. I have decided today that I will not give Son of a Preacher’s wife a hard time. In fact I am going to be very nice. I think I will take her to lunch or dinner and wine and dine her. She deserves a day off, and to be honest, I am looking forward to her taking me to Home Depot and buying me some tools for my birthday. You can see I have no ulterior motives at work. Tomorrow, I will leave for London for my end of the year ministry trip. She loves it when I travel. I think it has to do with not having to wait on me hand and foot. She actually will get 10 days off. I think wives and moms have it hard even though they rarely complain. Notice, I said rarely. I think it is the nature of a wife and mom to serve, wait on their husbands and children, and hopefully rarely complain. In my book, no one does that better than Son of a Preacher’s wife. She is a high impact, low maintenance servant through and through. What has come over me? Why and I talking like this? Maybe down inside me there is a soft, sensitive, caring person. No, that couldn’t be it. Maybe it is the Lord reminding me that I need to be thankful. Yes, that’s what it is.
To God be the glory and to Anne be much praise for who she is, and what she does. Forever and ever. A-MEN

October 12, 2005

How do you spell r-e-l-i-e-f?

Son of a Preacher’s wife has had me going from daylight to dark trying to finish this room addition. Somehow it is my fault that the sheet rock men didn’t show, or the plumber left early without finishing the job. Look I said, “What do you expect. I can only do so much.” Well, this Friday I board a plane for London preach three times there, and then on to Bulgaria for a leaders conference, then back to London for another weekend service. As you can see I will be very busy for the next ten days. The romance of traveling has long faded after 3 million frequent flier miles. As much as I love ministering to people, traveling can be a pain. I have found that going through customs and security, dressing and undressing for the world to see, and trying to find your luggage on an international flight can be hell. Now when I travel I always miss my wife, my dog, and our home. Usually, I can't hardly wait to get back home. I am sure it will be true of this trip as well, but for now spelling r-e-l-i-e-f is getting as far from that room addition as possible.

October 8, 2005

A suitable helper...

I think there is a phrase that goes something like this, “A woman works from sun to sun, but a man’s work is never done.“ Truer words have never been spoken. You may remember my wife’s dining room ceiling falling in during the time of our new room addition upstairs. It seemed the contractor believed the weatherman’s report that it wasn’t going to rain, so he didn’t cover that part of the house. Big mistake! Anyway, the dining room was finished this week. So son of a preacher’s wife said, ”Honey, I would like for you to hang my shelves for my teapots.“ I said, ”I thought you wanted me to install the hot water heater upstairs.“ ”Oh, that too she said, as well as clean up the yard when the builders finish today. And don’t forget that trash around by the side of the house.“ Now you have to understand what I am not conveying here is the tone in her voice when she said these things. Well, here I sit having done all the above and waiting for the next words of instruction. Have I ever mentioned, I just love serving that woman? The Bible was right when it says, I was designed by God to be her suitable helper. Got to run, I hear her calling my name. Bye for now.

October 6, 2005

Painting is not my expertise...

I am not sure if I quit writing because people quit reading, or people quit reading because I quit writing. Anyway, I have to post something to move that picture of me with the clown nose down the page. Have you ever seen anything so ridiculous. Son of a Preacher’s wife thought it would be cute with the article. The things I do to make her happy. She also suggested we take a few days vacation and go to Ft. Worth and paint our daughter and son-in-laws living and dining room. You have to understand I will not even paint our own home. I hire things like that done. But since she insisted, and I don’t know any painters in Ft. Worth to hire, and did I mention she insisted. Well, here I am in Ft. Worth painting. I should finish soon and head home to enjoy a few days vacation. These vacations that take me away from my office in San Antonio have to stop. This ought to be enough writing to let both of you know I haven’t fallen slipped off the globe.