September 19, 2005

To my children...

Philip--You were the first. I learned with you that you could love a child more than life. And I do. You’ve always been my favorite. I wrestled and played with you first. You also were the first child I ever spanked. Though it was tough, it needed to be done. I learned with you that a son can be more mature than his dad and a better father, leader and man. I know God will use you greatly to touch your world. Know this: I love you the most.

Amy--You were the first little girl. With you I learned that no two children are alike. I discovered with you that there is no end to affection and loving sensitivity. You are so kind, so warm, so loving, and such a servant. You are a wonderful pastor’s wife and mother. You have the best voice of all your siblings. Don’t tell your brother this. Your little sister already knows. None can compare to you. And you are my favorite--even though you find this hard to believe, it’s true. Yes, I tell others this. Know this: I love you the most.

Marlie--Though you came later and last, you were not an after thought. As you have always known you were my favorite. And I realize you do believe this. You are organized, creative, disciplined, diligent and thoughtful. You have a way of remembering the little things. And it is the little things in life that add up. Others would say you are spoiled, but you and I know better. You are not spoiled, you just had special needs. Know this: I love you the most.

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