September 9, 2005

Mount Calm

Being the son of a country preacher and a country boy myself, I enjoy traveling the back roads of Texas. Much of my ministry takes me to rural churches in Texas, so I travel to and through some interesting places. A few weeks ago (Aug 27 Glory Bound) I wrote about Glory, Texas. Then of course on Interstate 10 out of San Antonio I discovered two towns called Welfare and Comfort. Though I mean no disrespect I get a lot of mileage preaching about these places. Yesterday, while traveling to Longview I came out of Waco on Highway 31E and low and behold if I didn't come to Mount Calm. Of course, I pulled over took a picture and sat there for a few minutes. I got to thinking that if there is really Calm in Mount Calm a lot of people I know ought to at least visit the place if not move there. Well, I gotta run. As Willie would sing, I am on the road again.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was just blog surfing and found you you have a great blog! love the graphicsoff plan uk

Anonymous said...

I thought we were to go from calm to comfort to welfare to glory. But I guess you take a different route than most.

Be blessed,

Robert, Brenham