September 8, 2005

Feel better now...

What do you mean, where have I been? I have a job you know! I can't just sit around and write blogs all day. And the real truth is who would read them? I cannot think of anyone who would give a rip about where I have been or what I have been doing, but in case there is one, I will tell you. Anne and I went to Houston on Labor Day to be with our friends Ernie and Lyn Fitzpatrick. They were having an open house celebration for the renovation of their church. We had a great time. I leave today for Longview to be with Pastor David Benson for the weekend, then Anne will meet me in Dallas Sunday evening to have dinner with our daughter and son-in-law. Now I bet you feel better since I told you that. The addition to our house is about half way finished. I will write soon and bring you up to speed on that once sensitive subject. Truthfully the pain is just about gone.

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Granna said...

What? You were in Houston and didn't call?
Interesting thing about these blogs, they get to you and suddenly you begin to care about people that you may (or may not) know. Just consider yourself a good writer and all 'round good guy that people admire.
I've found a site, anonymouslawyer, that I'm reading like crazy...he's satirical, insightful, and has drawn a real bead on lawyering from his office with an ocean view.
I care what he's up to...just like I care about you and my friend raising goats and another new friend in west Texas! Can't help myself!!