June 29, 2005

Guilt...the gift that keeps on giving

Guilt...it has been called the gift that keeps on giving. There seems to always be plenty to go around. And when you think the supply can not keep up with your demand, someone will show up out of nowhere to drop a new load on you. I heard a friend say that her mother was self-employed, she worked for Guilt Trip International. You see I grew up in a church world that seemed to believe one could not be a good Christian without carrying around a proper amount of guilt. It's like one needs a little guilt sprinkled with fear to keep one "pure" and "holy". In so many words, I was taught that God being pleased with me, and me being pleased with me, at the same time, was not possible. So I must always feel a little bit guilty to know I am a good Christian. Where did this crap come from? I can't find it in the Bible. Maybe it's not there. Maybe this is a lie from Hell to make sure we never really enjoy life. Look, I understand the small voice of God speaking through our conscience to warn us and show us the right way to live. But feeling bad for days, weeks, even years after I have made the proper adjustment is not from Him. So where does it come from? You guessed it! There will always be plenty of pushers to peddle the guilt that you may have become addicted to.

Son of a Preacher


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