June 30, 2005

Good-Bye Baby

It was written long ago that a man should leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and the two shall become one flesh. I knew all along it would eventually happen, but I kept telling myself that day was a long way off. But now the inevitable is in sight. In a few days I will have to walk that long walk down the center isle of some church and say, “her mother and I.” I love her so much, and I even like him, but this whole thing happened so quickly. She may be almost twenty-six but that is awful young to be getting married these days. They couldn’t possibly know each other well enough to make this kind of a decision. It’s just too short of a courtship. They need to spend more time getting to know each other I said. My wife, reading over my shoulder said, "look, they have been courting for 4 years". I don’t care I said, it’s not long enough. She called last night to tell me she loved me and promised to read all my blogs. So as I was saying in a few days it will happen. I will take that once tiny little hand that wrapped itself around my big finger and place it into the hand of her new knight in shining armor and they will ride off into the sunset without her mother and me. Good-Bye Baby!


Soap Son of a Preacher

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Kenny said...

I shed a tear reading this one for two reasons:
1. I remember your little baby coming over to our house to spend the night and setting up her pallet on the floor next to my parents bed. Where does the time go?
2. I have a seven year old daughter that means the world to me.