June 28, 2005

Building Generationally

Thankful best describes how I feel about the great heritage that has been passed along to me. I am grateful to be a third generation preacher. My grandfather, Lockett Adair, was a Presbyterian evangelist who preached throughout the State of Texas. My dad was a Baptist minister for over 55 years.

I will never forget my first pastoral experience. I was feeling disheartened by some things people were saying about me, so I decided to call Dad. I knew I could count on him for good dose of encouragement. Instead he said, “Son, if the mailman stopped at every barking dog he would never get the mail delivered." That's just the kind of encouragement one could expect from my Dad, the man known as the Country Preacher.

The Lord has used other faithful spiritual fathers like John Wilder to prepare me for ministry. He was a pioneer in South Texas. I remember sharing with him that I was very nervous about doing my first funeral. He explained, "Ron, you can't say anything wrong if you'll just share with sincerity the love that is in your heart." Sure enough it worked.

As a natural and spiritual father with many spiritual sons, I have been able to share my experiences as well as many of the wonderful things that have been passed along to me.

Son of a Preacher

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